Aging in Place: Bathroom Modifications for Seniors’ Safety and Comfort

The desire to age comfortably and safely in one’s own home is a common goal for many seniors. However, bathroom safety can become a growing concern as mobility limitations arise. Slippery surfaces, high tubs, and a lack of grab bars can all increase the risk of falls, a significant health threat for older adults.

Fortunately, a number of simple bathroom modifications can significantly enhance bathroom safety and allow seniors to maintain their independence for longer.

Shower Doors or Shower Curtains: Choosing the Right Option
Shower doors create a more enclosed showering space, preventing water from splashing onto the bathroom floor. However, they can also be difficult to maneuver for those with limited mobility.

A shower curtain might be a more practical option in such cases. Look for shower curtains with weighted hems to prevent them from blowing inwards while showering.

Making Bathing Easier and Safer with a Bathroom Bench
One of the most impactful bathroom modifications for seniors is the installation of a bathroom bench. A sturdy shower bench provides a stable seating option, making showering a safer and more comfortable experience. This reduces the risk of falls associated with standing for long periods or attempting to enter and exit a bathtub.

SolutionBased offers the innovative ShowerGlyde transfer bench, designed to make showering safer and more manageable for seniors with limited mobility. The ShowerGlyde comes in three models (SG1, SG2, and SG3) to accommodate different bathroom layouts.

All models feature a sliding bench that glides effortlessly over the bathtub rim, locking securely for a stable showering experience. Multiple seat options are included, such as an open commode seat, a reducer ring, and a solid seat insert, catering to individual needs. For additional support, a grab bar is integrated into the design.

Enhancing Stability with Grab Bars
Speaking of grab bars, another crucial modification for senior safety is the installation of grab bars strategically placed throughout the bathroom.

If you haven’t yet invested in an amazing ShowerGlyde bench, then make it a point to install grab bars near the shower entrance, next to the toilet, and on both sides of the sink to ensure maximum support throughout the bathroom. Make sure the grab bars are securely mounted into wall studs for optimal safety.

Improving Accessibility with Raised Toilet Seats
For seniors with limited mobility, a raised toilet seat can make a big difference in everyday bathroom routines. A raised toilet seat increases the height of the toilet, making it easier to sit down and stand up.

Lighting the Way for Safety
Good lighting is essential for a safe and functional bathroom. Consider installing brighter light fixtures throughout the bathroom, particularly near the shower, toilet, and vanity. Nightlights can also be helpful to prevent falls during nighttime bathroom visits.

Addressing Slippery Surfaces
Slippery floors are a major hazard in bathrooms. To prevent falls, consider installing slip-resistant flooring or bath mats with a secure grip. Regularly removing moisture from surfaces with bath mats or towels is also important.

Keeping Things Within Reach
Within the bathroom, ensure essential toiletries and other items are readily accessible to seniors. Installing shelves or organizers within easy reach can eliminate the need to bend or stretch for items, reducing the risk of falls.

Create A Safe Haven for Their Golden Years
Making these simple bathroom modifications can significantly improve safety and comfort for seniors who want to age in place. By creating a bathroom environment that minimizes fall risks and fosters independence, you can ensure that your loved ones continue to enjoy their golden years in the comfort of their own home.

Ready to explore solutions for a safer bathroom? SolutionBased offers a wide range of bathroom safety products, including ShowerGlyde bathroom benches, the ShowerBuddy shower chairs, and more.

Visit their website today to learn more about creating a safe and accessible bathroom for your loved ones.

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