An AWG Marine Battery Cable That is Great for Your Marine Vehicle

For any beginners in the vast and complex world of electrical work, it may seem a bit overwhelming having to learn about different wires, cables, and batteries. Each of these components that go into electrical work serve a certain purpose. For electrical work that is done on land, it’s a simpler process than other kinds of electrical work. That is mainly due to the fact that while working on the wiring or electrical sources, everything should remain dry and clean throughout the entire process. However, when dealing with marine electrical work, it can be a different story.

Marine electrical workings are a bit unique compared to the normal or more common types of electrical work. This work requires different kinds of wires, cables, and batteries that are equipped to withstand the elements that come with a marine setting or environment. If anyone is very new to the equipment that goes into electrical or circuitry work, a simple battery cable is used to power your electrical system and is correctly sized according to the American Wire Gauge, or AWG or short.

Battery cables come in different sizes, coatings, and gauges (sizes). You can find battery cable in gauges from 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, and lastly 4/0. Size 6 gauge is the smallest and go backwards to 4/0 being the largest gauge. To properly set up your electrical system, a battery cable needs to be the proper size to avoid any excessive overheating. An improperly sized gauge could potentially lead to hazardous results, especially if you’re on the water.

Now, a AWG marine battery cable is a whole other ball game. In order for this cable to function properly in the presence of water, and more specifically marine water, it needs to be coated in a special silver coating. This coating isn’t made from silver, but does protect against a mountain of things that could potentially happen while out on the water.

Specifically, the AWG marine battery cables from EWCSwires are ultra flexible, resists any acids, abrasions from harsh salt water, gasoline, oil, and any other potentially harmful moisture. But, when dealing with certain marine electrical systems, it’s extremely important to understand what you’re doing and using the right sized equipment.

The size of your battery cable must be determined by two things, one thing being the amperage that you need and the other thing being the length of the actual cable. There is a lot of information out there on the topic of how to determine the correct size. But, if you are already familiar with these electrical equipment wires and cables, then you just need to find a supplier that will give you the best of the best.

EWCSwire is the best place to find all of the wiring, cables, and other electrical equipment you need. Whether you need equipment ready for the marine water, or some simple cables for at home wiring jobs, EWCswire has got you covered.

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