Applications of online portfolios in early childhood education

Leading early childhood education systems are now increasingly investing in online portfolios. The far reaching benefits of online portfolios have allured a lot of preschool managements to take advantage of them in a sure way to create distinctive benchmarks in childhood education. Here are the ways in which online portfolios can be applied in early childhood education and their benefits.

Moving with technology
The world has gone digital long back and every industry segment is today more robust and powerful online than offline in communicating, and running its different functions. Learning centers catering to the development of kids during their early childhood are not an exception to this. Online portfolios can help the educators and schools in a significant way by maximizing the productivity and learning by children.

Online portfolios and early childhood education
Today’s preschools widely use online portfolios to document the children’s learning. This method gives a ready reference for the teachers as well as parents to understand, compare, streamline and measure the children’s progress and development. The increasing interest in online portfolios is not without a reason.

The shift
Earlier the preschools were using the traditional paper-based portfolios for formative assessment of the children’s learning. Online portfolios are more effective in dealing with the children’s educational development. They are able to support the children to revisit their learning and get involved with their own formative assessment in an active way. Described as recalling, reconnecting and restarting, the learning and assessment environment promoted by online portfolios can be an asset in boosting up the learning and performance of kids. In addition, they too help schools impress the parents and bring in more enrolments to their establishments.

A move towards digitalizing the learning process
Online portfolios is a significant development in digitalizing education that makes it convenient for the teachers to manage the process of educational instruction. Also, parents can keep track of their children’s learning and how the schools perform with their children. The kids when tuned with this system can get involved with the learning and assessment from wherever they are. The role of online portfolios in a world impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic is something that needs no elaboration.

Partnering with the right companies specializing in the online portfolios is a sure way to create a distinctive benchmark for your preschool. Do the necessary research and ensure you work with the best firms that already have a solid customer base.

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