AR15 Parts to Replace to Improve Performance

Want to build your own AR15, or just make replacements to aging parts on your current model to improve the performance of the rifle? Here are some of the most commonly upgraded AR15 parts, and why they’re so frequently replaced or upgraded.

1. Triggers: Most sporting rifles and precision rifles come with excellent triggers that can be finely and accurately adjusted. Some of them are even two-stage triggers, although this is fairly uncommon with sporting rifles.

Whatever the case, if your AR15 has a mushy trigger or travels too much and you just don’t know what to do with it, switching out the trigger group can have a significant impact on your experience behind the sights.

2. Barrels: A new, match grade barrel can improve the accuracy of your AR15 right out of the gate, but replacing an old barrel that’s had thousands of rounds squeezed through it is just a good idea, generally.

Over time, the lands in the rifling wear down and don’t engage the rounds fully as they pass through the bore. This causes accuracy to suffer. A new barrel can do wonders for wandering groups.

3. Bolt Carrier Groups: The bolt carrier group, which, as its name suggests, carries all the components of the bolt, is responsible for the operation of the action. The reason many people switch out their bolt carrier groups, or BCGs, is to cut back on cycling time or to provide what is known as “permanent dry lubricity.”

Bolt carrier groups that have permanent dry lubricity (which can be achieved with certain coatings like nickel boron) will cycle more cleanly and will require less liquid lubrication, which can gum up the bolt with dust and dirt and cause it to wear down. They also cycle more smoothly and more quickly.

4. Hand Guards: Are you eyeing a new attachment that will not easily accommodate the Pic rail on your handguard? Get a new M-LOK or KeyMod handguard and enjoy the upgrade, or the comfort.

5. Gas Block: The gas block on your sporting rifle captures and transfers some of the gas produced from the propellant to cycle the action so that the old case can be ejected and a new cartridge loaded. Replacing an old gas block has the potential to increase the reliability and speed of your action’s cycling.

6. Charging Handles: Finally, if you just don’t like the feel or slim lines of your AR15’s current charging handle, get a new one. You can easily get an install a bigger, more ergonomic charging handle that will facilitate manual cycling of action.

-If you’re looking at options for building a custom AR15, then you might want to pick out a complete AR15 parts kit or put together a rifle from an AR-15 complete upper receiver kit by pairing it with AR-15 lower parts. That will give you the ability to key in on the performance you’d like to see from the rifle, while you’re building it.

Either way, whether you’re looking for parts piecemeal or just want to see what your options are, visit Sarco, Inc., at For an online shop, they have a truly impressive collection of AR15 parts and kits, along with parts, kits and accessories for sporting rifles and other popular platforms. They’re a one stop shop, so if you finish that build and want to pair it with a red dot sight, you can pick one up right on their site as well.

Check them out and give them a call at 610-250-3960 if you want to learn more about what they do – or just if you need help finding something.

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