Are Drill Mills For Sale Any Good?

For years, the quality of coated drill mills has been put to the test, and they have always come out on top. This means that their popularity has risen steadily, and many stores are offering coated drill mills for sale today. However, if you care about performance and tool life, you must be wary of the quality of the products you buy.

If you are operating a sizable machine shop, you are probably looking into lowering costs and increasing productivity.

Coated carbide drill mills drastically increase tool life, accuracy, and rotation speeds. Put into simpler terms: they get things done faster.

However, as in many other aspects of life, quality matters. There is no point in buying tools that have the word “carbide” on the label if they’re going to need constant replacement because they quickly lose their sharpness or suffer catastrophic damage in the middle of a pass.

There are some factors to consider when checking out drill mills for sale.

Remember that solid or coated carbide tools have an advantage over steel tools as long as they are used for the right job. They are specifically made for high-speed high-temperature operations that require increased accuracy and durability. Hardened alloys are a good example as they benefit from carbide´s heat resistance and durability, reducing chatter and tool deflection. Hardwoods also respond well to carbide´s properties as the compound is easier on the grain and leaves a polished surface with each pass.

These special properties result from carbide´s chemical composition and how drill mills are treated. Carbide cannot be found in nature or the periodic table. This should not come as a surprise. Carbon is known to be the hardest substance in nature, and we have tried to combine it with metal to produce strengthened tools since the invention of steel.

However, carbide compounds lack the flexibility of metals, causing them to be too rigid and brittle. That’s why most high-performance tools only present a thin layer of carbide that gives the drill enhanced refractory properties and increased durability. This coating is applied through a process called physical vapor deposition (PVD), where the compound is vaporized in a vacuum chamber where it solidifies, covering the surface of drill mills. The coating is thin enough to preserve the tool´s sharpness but sufficient to grant it enhanced heat resistance and decreased flank wear.

While this process can be replicated en-masse, carbide tools are not a staple in many retail or hardware stores for a reason. Their manufacture must comply with strict quality and environmental controls that can only be guaranteed inside the US, and a handful of other countries. So you have to be careful when looking for drill mills for sale.

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