Are eCommerce SEO Agencies Still Important in 2021?

Setting up an eCommerce store is among the easiest things one can do nowadays. With the advent of eCommerce platforms, the need for learning how to code in order to be successful online has dropped to almost zero. Indeed, eCommerce platforms practically guide you through the whole process of building your website, making it look beautiful, uploading your products, and even taking care of logistics and financial aspects. Some even help you close your first sale, making you feel like you´re on top of the world from day one, and that eCommerce SEO Agency are superfluous.

However, you soon discover that there is still a lot of work to do and that your eCommerce website is performing well below the average for your industry. Traffic trickles down at a glacial pace, and people cannot find your online store.

There are many reasons for that. The most obvious is that your store is not on the first page of search engine results. In fact, more than 90% of the content on the internet gets no traffic from Google. This means that there is a high chance you are practically invisible to users when they search for your products or services and that your competitors are getting the lion’s share of traffic and sales.

You check your analytics, your products and content, read a dozen blog posts and consult specialized fora every day, and you still can’t grasp what you’re doing wrong. You can´t even determine what your competitors are doing differently, yet they still manage to beat you.

This is exactly why eCommerce SEO agencies are among the most sought-after services online in 2021.

Search engine optimization is not about consulting Google´s recommendations and complying with their policies to the letter. Well, not only. It means offering your visitors an excellent experience, relevant content, and a seamless conversion funnel. Google measures all these elements before recommending a website to its users. Search engines are popular because they take good care of their users. So they tend to favor websites that help them accomplish their goals.

Only an eCommerce SEO company that understands the needs of search engines will be able to incrementally adjust your website to make it more attractive for search engines and users alike. However, given the nature of search engines and cultural trends, knowing what they want, or what their preferences will be in the near future, requires years of careful study and hours of dedicated work every day.

To make a business stand out from the crowd, owners require the help of a dedicated team of SEO specialists and content producers. It is the only way to have a shot at reaching top positions in search results without neglecting the operative aspects of their business.

In other words, eCommerce SEO agencies are more relevant than ever in 2021. Even when eCommerce and social media platforms are making it easier than ever for people to start a business, the need for specialized digital marketing strategies and SEO services doesn’t seem to be waning away.

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