Are TOPS Knives Really Worth the Money?

There are numerous knives on the market today that vary in design, materials, applications, shapes, sizes, and even brand names. It can be difficult, then, to know which ones are worthy of their price tag and which ones just flat out aren’t.

One of the most popular names in the knife industry today is TOPS Knives. The knife brand has been around since its inception in 1998, its sole mission being to provide knife enthusiasts with the highest quality perennial knives.

While this is great information to have, it sounds a bit like those standard claims made by most knife manufacturers regardless of what their products actually are: “We are the best, so buy from us.”

So, this begs the question: are TOPS Knives really worth the money? We honestly and whole-heartedly believe that yes, they are, and here’s why.

Founders and Designers Who Know What They’re Doing
Its founders aren’t just anybody. They are highly knowledgeable in the art of knife use and manufacturing, so they ensure every one they craft is designed and created with expertise and pristine materials.

Not only do the founders have an impressive understanding of knives but as do their designers. These designers actually have a diverse background in the military, implying that they really know the difference between a well-crafted and a poorly-crafted knife– and they strive for the former.

Expertise, first-hand experience, and assiduity are the key ingredients behind any successful and truly quality good.

Handcrafted, Field-Tested, and Loved
While it is unquestionably important that those who work behind the scenes in knife manufacturing are experienced, it’s really the customers who matter at the end of the day. Before these knives reach their customer’s hands, every knife passes through a meticulous process from start to finish.

Every single one of the knives tailored by TOPS is made by hand, then has gone on to be field-tested by civilians and soldiers around the world. After being field-tested, they have been loved by nearly all who have tried them.

Made for Knife Enthusiasts of All Kinds
Their knives aren’t just made for one specific type of knife enthusiast, whether they be military members, hunters, outdoorsmen, or even collectors. These knives come in a wide range of applications and are exceptionally versatile. Whatever your desired uses are, the knives from TOPS can supply.

Made of Durable Materials
While the founders, designers, and their processes of creating these knives are vital and should indeed be stringent, the quality of the materials themselves is also important. You can have the most meticulous process in the world, but still yield poor products if you only use cheap and weak materials!

Fortunately, TOPS ensures that all of its knife materials are of the highest quality and sturdiness while also holding varying desirable characteristics for specific uses. For example, their handles are made of G10, Micarta, and other premier materials to provide a sturdy yet comfortable grip.

Their blades are truly exemplary as well, as most are made of 1095 carbon and other strong steel types.

Come in an Assortment of Designs
High-quality knives deserve high-quality designs. Who wants to use a knife that they can’t also admire for its aesthetics? TOPS ensures that whichever knife you choose can do precisely what you need them to do while also boasting stunning motifs, color schemes, and other alluring accents.

Where to Buy TOPS Knives
Now that you are undoubtedly looking for a knife from TOPS to purchase for yourself, trust in The Knife Connection to supply you with what you need. They have an extensive catalog filled with countless options from various top-of-the-line brands including TOPS. Browse their offerings from TOPS Knives today!

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