Bathroom Features to Have in New Houses for Sale Discovery Ridge

Your bathroom is perhaps the busiest part of the house, irrespective of how big your property is. This tiny area provides you with much-needed privacy, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

So, when you are buying one of the new houses for sale Discovery Ridge, make sure your bathroom is a beautiful and practical space.

Take the following space design and decor strategies as inspiration to turn even a tiny bathroom into a soothing retreat.

Get Custom Vanity
You probably attend to most of your grooming needs in the bathroom. Whether you are getting ready for work every day or touching up last-minute details before a big party, mirrors are essential in the bathroom. Choose the right-sized mirror for the space, typically round ones with soft edges that can leave corners or other purposes.

Or, you can use mirrored panels to be placed along the whole length of a wall. It will make the bathroom appear larger and more spacious. Besides, adding a contemporary-looking medicine cabinet behind the mirror can reduce visible clutter.

Add Floating Cabinets
Custom-made floating shelves installed at maximum height give the bathroom the illusion of high ceilings. Towels, daily toiletry, and other storage items put on racks off the floor elongate the room vertically.

Another thing to consider is built-in furniture that you can hook into the wall. Likewise, floating toilets with a hidden tank add a surprising amount of free space. Not only do they look elegant, but your floor also remains spotless.

Maximize the Storage
Keep your bathroom organized and uncluttered by maximizing all available areas for your storage needs. For instance, you can put rolled-up towels on a rack over the sink or incorporate recesses using wall studs.

Add tiered organizers and wall hooks anywhere you can to provide additional storage to the limited counter space. Other features that open up bathroom space in new houses for sale Discovery Ridge are rods with S-hooks and stack shelves or hanging baskets over the toilet.

Use Bright Lights
Smaller bathrooms may not have much natural light entering the physical space; so, it can get quite gloomy in the area. In that case, instead of choosing a single-function lighting system, get the fixtures per your needs.

Divide the lighting strategies into three types: ambient, accent, and task lighting. To increase the ceiling height, use recessed or pot lighting fixtures and soft overhead lights as the primary illumination source.

Buy brighter lights (up to 50 lumens) for the designated task area and ambient lights (20 lumens) for under-counter lighting effects. In the same vein, choose neutral colours that can reflect the light and brighten the room.

Use Premium Materials for New Houses for Sale Discovery Ridge
You can trick your eyes into believing that your shower and bath facility is roomy by utilizing clean materials in the build. For instance, more oversized tiles can limit grout lines, thereby expanding the room vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, using the same tiles for the floor and walls makes the bathroom flow seamlessly and clean.

Whatever you decide, discuss your ideas with your builder beforehand. At RareBuilt Homes, we take into account prospective homeowners’ tastes and needs while building their homes. We have recently constructed new houses for sale Discovery Ridge. Call us today for further details.

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