Beautiful Recycled Rings With Just The Right Energy

When it comes to shopping for jewelry, it’s not just the style of a certain piece that you will want to consider. The energy of a particular piece of jewelry is just as important.

The materials that a piece of jewelry is crafted with, the way in which it is produced, and its overall aesthetic play a role in how the piece feels. For instance, artfully designed recycled rings crafted from high-quality re-used metals and sustainably sourced gemstones may be more in line with your holistic worldview and provide you with a higher kind of energy that is soothing and beneficial.

High-Quality Materials and the Vibes to Match
A fine piece of jewelry should be seen as an investment, something to care for and cherish, and not simply as a throwaway accessory. Naturally, you want your jewelry to be made from high-quality materials, but you also want to honor the environment and ensure that the accessories you wear aren’t produced in a harmful manner.

Does the way in which something is produced alter its overall quality? It may depend on your ethics and how you view the jewelry industry in general. Certainly, knowing that something you are wearing has been produced in an ethical manner will help to instill feelings of positivity and pride, especially if you care deeply about the environment and prioritize sustainability in other areas of your life as well.

The materials that are used to create certain pieces of jewelry such as recycled rings can also influence the way they feel and the kind of energy you can expect them to have. Certain gemstones, for instance, have long been prized for their various subtle qualities that are said to affect mood, mental clarity, and inner strength. Even certain colors have been known to have positive calming effects, and these aspects translate to the gemstones used in jewelry pieces as well. Many gemstones have become symbolic of certain moods and states of being, such as prosperity and joy.

It’s important to take these qualities into consideration while shopping for jewelry that matches your personality, style, and ethics. While something as small as the source of a certain gemstone or metal may not seem like much, knowing that your rings are sustainable and lovingly crafted as opposed to mass-produced might mean a world of difference in terms of the vibe they give off.

Reducing Our Negative Impact on the Planet
Once metals have been extracted from the planet, by whatever means, they are now in circulation. Helping to keep them in circulation plays a large role in reducing the demand for further exploitation and destruction. Yes, the jewelry industry can be destructive at times, but it doesn’t have to be.

Certain eco-friendly brands understand the need for luxury-quality rings and other jewelry pieces that offer the kind of style you are looking for without the negative energy attached to them. Sustainable rings crafted from recycled metals such as gold and silver, carefully sourced raw gemstones, and thoughtful designs that are at once trendy yet grounded.

If ethical jewelry is what you are after, ourCommonplace has an incredible selection of pieces that are worth a look. Their online marketplace includes a variety of recycled rings and other sustainable jewelry pieces that are designed using only responsibly sourced materials from brands that promote raw beauty, high vibes, and timeless style.

Luxury doesn’t have to mean exploitation. In fact, more brands are realizing the value in producing high-quality jewelry that is unique, artistic, and above all else, holistic in design and purpose. Take a look at ourCommonplace today if you are interested in owning your own recycled jewelry pieces that embody your ideals and tastes as well.

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