Benefits of a Rock Climbing Summer Camp

The kids are out of school for the summer! But between fun day trips and vacations, how can you sneak in a little alone time away from the chaos? Have you thought about summer camp? No, not that kind — rock climbing summer camp! Here are the reasons to try out rock climbing summer camp this season.

Keep Kids Active
If you have a kid that plans to spend the next few months vegging out in front of the TV playing Fortnite and binging Netflix shows, this could be a great way to keep them active and healthy. A rock climbing summer camp will inspire them to move! Indoor rock climbing is a full-body exercise that strengthens their muscles and improves flexibility and coordination.

It’s Fun
Unlike being forced onto a sports team or going to the gym, rock climbing is a really fun activity for kids that otherwise don’t want to exercise. Climbing is a fun and unique challenge that requires creative problem solving, interesting movements, and physical strength to overcome. This is an exciting activity they wouldn’t do in their everyday life, making it a fun and rewarding experience no matter their skill level.

Make Friends
Rock climbing is a great activity for kids that want to stay social while school’s out. Rock climbing summer camp is made up of classes, meaning the same kids will be there week after week. This is a great way for kids to bond and hang out in a fun, active setting.

Develop New Skills
Rock climbing provides kids with the foundation for other activities in the future. It improves hand-eye coordination, flexibility, body awareness, and of course overall physical fitness. Your kid will develop fine motor skills as they strategically place their hands and feet on the rock climbing wall. These indoor climbing skills also translate well to a variety of common outdoor activities as well, enabling them to get more out of their time on the playground or while playing various sports.

Improve Problem Solving
Rock climbing isn’t just physical — it’s a mental activity as well. Kids will have to plan their path up the wall, making split-second decisions on where to place their hands and feet. These skills can transfer to everyday life, making it a great mental challenge.

Increased Confidence
When your kid accomplishes a climb by reaching the top or even just figuring out a challenging section, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that can’t be rivaled. This is an activity that will improve their self-esteem one climb at a time. The encouragement from peers, trainers, and the supportive community you’ll find in any climbing gym will also make them feel better about themselves.

Get Some Energy Out
Some kids are just wild when they don’t have anything to do. If your kid is bouncing off the walls, this is a great way to get some energy out. Rock climbing is physically challenging, leaving your kid tuckered out after each class. That’s a lot better than them jumping around on the couch.

Looking to get them signed up? Reach Climbing & Fitness is the way to do it! They have classes for beginners and rock climbing summer camps that are supervised by a certified instructor. Your kid will get the attention and support they need to learn the ropes and have fun!

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