Benefits of Using a Water Pipe

Buying a new glass piece is so exciting. Going to a headshop and browsing all the beautiful pieces. Or even better, shopping online and having your favorite glass piece delivered! Many smokers who prefer to smoke their favorite product out of glass know that glass is the superior method of smoking. Glass smokers get a unique and clean smoking experience compared to smokers who choose to use rolling papers or wraps.

Whether you have smoked out of a bowl, also known as a spoon pipe, or a one-hitter, you have probably already experienced the benefits that smoking from glass pieces has to offer. If you have enjoyed smoking from dry glass pieces, like a bowl, before, you may enjoy smoking from a water pipe bong. Water pipes provide an even more rare and easy smoke than dry pipes like bowls or one-hitters.

What is a Water Pipe?
A water pipe bong is a type of glass pipe that incorporates water into the smoke to create a smooth and easy smoking experience. All water pipes have a bowl where the product is filled, a stem that connects the bowl into the bottom of the base, a base where water can be filled, and a tube that connect the base with a mouthpiece on the other end.

Why Are Water Pipes Superior?
When you light your product and pull smoke through the bowl into the water in the base and then up and out through the mouthpiece, the smoke travels through the water and is cooled down before entering your lungs. This provides a smooth and cool smoke that cannot be achieved using a regular dry pipe. The water also acts as a filter because the smoke must travel through the water so most of the tar or ash that would typically end up in the smoker’s lungs ends up in the water instead.

Water pipe bongs also allow the user to take larger hits. Typically, water pipes are much larger than typical spoon pipes, so the bowl packs can be much larger. Because the smoke is cooled down through the water, the user’s throat and lungs do not get burned or dry thus allowing them to take much longer and larger hits of their product.

Compared to dry pipes, water pipes also produce much less odor. Since the smoke in a water pipe is inhaled through the water pipe’s chamber, the residual smoke is contained within the piece. With a dry pipe, the smoke that is emitted from the lit bowl can produce a strong odor and does not stay contained within the dry pipe.

Where Can I Purchase a Water Pipe?
FunkyPiece has a large selection of water pipe bongs and other glass pieces. Their glass pieces are handcrafted with high-quality glass. They have a wide variety of different sizes and designs that are sure to make your jaw drop. Find a glass piece that matches your personality. Check out to find your perfect piece!

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