Benefits of Using Alpine Shortening for Icings

Professional bakers choose their baking supplies and ingredients carefully in order to keep up with their needs in the kitchen. There are so many things that they could make in the kitchen, but only so much time in a day, so it often makes the most sense for them to strategically utilize partially prepared baking supplies for certain dishes. A baker just has to decide on which occasions to create everything from scratch and which to use some premade materials. For frostings and icings, one of the most necessary products in a bakery, many bakers take a great deal of pride in being able to say that they make their own by hand regularly for different baked goods on their menu.

If the sound of this interests you, you will need to have the right supplies on hand to create your own freshly made frosting and icing for the shop. In that case, you will need to start off with certain key ingredients needed to create icings from scratch. A common ingredient in many recipes for icing is shortening, specifically the kinds that are made for baking or creating icing in particular. This will likely be your best bet in creating your own recipe for icing in your kitchen. An extremely popular brand for this kind of product is the Alpine shortening formulated for icing. It is a great one to use on a daily basis and one that we can easily recommend to anyone interested in creating their own recipe for icing in their bakery. Here are some of the biggest benefits of using Alpine shortening to create your own icings for baked goods like cupcakes.

Smooth, Creamy Icing
Using Alpine shortening can help you to create icings that are very smooth, creamy, and delicious. You can get so much more control over the texture and consistency of your icings when you make them yourself than when you purchase them already prepared. Instead of having to settle for whatever you are given, you can customize your recipe to perfectly suit your tastes and make your customers happy.

Bright White Color
Something great about the Alpine brand of icing shortening in particular is that the result you get is incredibly bright white. This makes your icing look beautiful just as it is and ready to be applied to all kinds of cakes, cupcakes, or other treats. It also gives you a blank slate to add food coloring and dye your icing whatever color you need. The bright white eliminates the concern that your coloring will be tinted or have unexpected undertones.

Even if you are not entirely sold on the idea of creating your own icings every day for your business, you might still want to practice making your own just to keep your skillset fresh, or to utilize this skill on occasion. In any case, Alpine shortening can be really helpful in preparing your icing or frosting. You can find some bulk sizes of Alpine shortening available online at where they offer premade or raw wholesale bakery supplies.

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