Best Baby Dresser and Changing Table for Big and Small Spaces

Once you’ve picked the color palette for the nursery, it is time to choose the perfect furniture that goes with it.

It is crucial that parents should invest in a sustainable piece of furniture even when decorating a baby’s nursery which is only useful for a few years. The reason being that sustainable pieces of furniture can be used as a regular one and could even last a lifetime especially if it goes together with the style of the other furniture in the house. You have to take into consideration the functionality of the furniture after some time in the nursery.

Do You Really Need A Changing Table?

Not really. If you have a spacious room for your baby, you could just purchase a regular double dresser and a changing tray separately and use them as a baby dresser and changing table for the baby’s room. This idea is actually very neat for when you stop using the baby’s room and then eventually convert it to a regular room for your toddler. And since clutter is inevitable in a toddler’s room, more storage is important to keep things tucked away.

This sophisticated double dresser has plenty of room to store all your baby essentials. You can also add the matching top changer for more diaper changing space. Each drawer features French dovetail joints and three-piece drawer box construction.


For more storage spaces, the Mirabelle 7-Drawer Dresser is an elegant piece of nursery furniture, with curved half-round trim and cabriole legs that add to its elegant look, the dresser also has elegant molding on each drawer which is beautifully complemented with crystal knobs and French curves all over.

Also, a formal changing table is not really cost-efficient. Having a regular baby dresser and then just utilizing it into a changing table by adding a changing pad on top actually works. Some parents use the changer option that comes with the baby crib but often, parents would want a bigger workspace, so they use the top surface of a dresser for a diaper change.

Small Spaces
However, if you’re a new mom with a small space for a new baby, you can also choose a space-saving, smart and stylish piece of furniture. A baby dresser and changing table in one. Once your baby has grown out of using the changer, you can always have the tray removed to leave a chic dresser.

Creating your little one’s dreamy nursery and furniture shopping can be a fun project. But if you’re tight on space, or want to keep your baby products to a minimum, these baby dressers are all excellent choices for efficient storage.


Drawer Dresser with Changing Tray
A changing table on top and a cute dresser just below for storing all diaper changing and bath essentials, the modern Modo 3 Drawer Changer Dresser is a piece of space-saving nursery furniture. Modo 3 has three drawers with metal drawer glides that enable the drawers to smoothly and gently slide open. For more safety features, this changer dresser also includes an anti-tip kit that enables the dresser to be attached to the wall to avoid accidents with an infant in the room.


If you’re going for a mid-century modern-inspired vibe, get this modern space-saving Hudson Changer Dresser. It’s a changing table, a three-drawer dresser with metal drawer glides and stop mechanism, and one storage cabinet with an adjustable inner shelf in one versatile package. It also has a pretty neat design with hidden hardware construction.

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