Best Rock Island Firearms for Concealed Carry

Rock Island firearms are affordable and reliable. They don’t need any more introduction than that.

But what are some of the best models for concealed carry? Take a look at the following four. All are suitable for a combination of different factors.

Rock Ultra CS .45 ACP 7rd
The first two entries on this list will be .45 cals, and the first one that deserves the spotlight is the Rock Ultra CS .45 ACP with a 7-round capacity.

It features a 3.5” button-rifled barrel with a full-length guide rod and a snag-free design with low-profile sights.

These features make it practical and reliable, but what about concealed carry?

It’s compact, only 7.32” overall with a 5.11” height and 1.3” width. It’s also light, at 2.16 lbs.

So it’s easy to carry concealed and is unlikely to print, and it’s light enough to carry all day.

Also, it offers plenty of firepower thanks to a 7-round capacity of .45 ACP.

TAC Ultra CS .45 ACP 7rd
The TAC Ultra CS in .45 ACP with a 7-round capacity offers just about everything the Rock Ultra mentioned first does, with a few key exceptions.

For one, it’s just a bit more compact, at 7.11” overall, with a 5” height and 1.3” width. It’s 2.25lbs, though.

So it offers the same basic footprint and is lightweight and not likely to print. It also offers a 7-round capacity of .45 ACP, identical firepower to the former. What’s different?

For one, it has a lightweight hammer and an MR3 trigger with overtravel adjustment. It also has something unique that the former lacks: a section of rail under the barrel.

Might not be the best feature for a concealed carry handgun, but it’s nice to have options, and you can expand this Rock Island firearm with lights, lasers or other attachments if you so wish.

BBR 3.10 9mm 10rd
One look at this Rock Island firearm and you probably wouldn’t believe that it carries a 10rd capacity in 9mm.

It’s tiny, only 6.85” overall, 4.55” high, and 1.5” wide. It makes up for that in weight; it’s pretty dense, at 3.71lbs.

This compact size means it’s easy to carry it concealed without printing, and the extra weight, despite sounding like a crutch, is actually a benefit.

It helps this tiny gun absorb recoil better, which is one reason you might prefer 9mm over .45 ACP in the first place. This gun offers good stopping power and produces substantially lower recoil.

Plus, it somehow manages to pull off a 10-round capacity.

M206 Spurless .38Spl 6rd
This hammerless pocket revolver is a great choice for concealed carry for a bunch of reasons.

One is, obviously, the size. It’s the smallest Rock Island firearm here, at 6.75” long, 4.67” high, and 1.5” wide. It’s also a featherweight, at 1.5lbs.

You could easily carry this thing concealed and forget you have it, till you need it.

Plus, the hammerless design is naturally snag-free, and you can’t beat the reliability of a wheelgun.

It’s also very affordable, and has by far the lowest MSRP of any Rock on this list.

Plus, in terms of firepower, it’s no slouch. It offers a 6-round capacity in .38Spl. Just be ready for the kick – while this cartridge is not known for recoil, the revolver is pretty light.

Search More Rock Island Firearms
While these are excellent Rock Island firearms for concealed carry and self-defense, there are many others like these, some of which you might even like better.

Check some of them out at SARCO Inc. They carry a wide range of Rock Island 1911 pistols and other firearms, at competitive prices, and their staff is highly knowledgeable. They’ll help you find the right Rock for you.

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