BigCommerce SEO Services: Answering Some Common Questions

One of the biggest challenges in launching an online store is choosing the right eCommerce platform to meet your needs. It’s partly like choosing physical real estate before opening a retail joint, except in this case it’s virtual.

BigCommerce is one of the most popular platforms on the market, along with Shopify, both of which are known as Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS platforms.

With BigCommerce, you don’t pay directly for hosting. You pay a subscription fee to use their software and they provide for hosting. BigCommerce also provides for security, site speed, updates, and much more. The platform also offers some robust functionality out of the box and is compatible with many UX-optimized themes.

But the choice of an eCommerce platform is only one of the many hurdles associated with managing online sales and reaching an audience. Another prong is digital marketing. Sooner or later, you’re going to wonder if you need BigCommerce SEO services.

What Is the Purpose of eCommerce SEO Services?
BigCommerce SEO services are rendered by eCommerce SEO experts that are experienced with the BigCommerce platform. The services include many different facts and each of them is centered around making your BigCommerce store more “attractive” to search engines so that they give it higher organic rankings.

That is, the ultimate goal of BigCommerce SEO services is to make your website “show up higher” in the search engines results pages when customers search for specific keywords. SEO is one sort of what is called “organic marketing” that is designed to increase organic impressions, organic traffic, conversion rates, and sales.

Does BigCommerce “Have SEO?”
Although this is one of the most commonly searched questions, it is a difficult one to answer. No eCommerce platform “has” SEO, although every platform has features that make it easier or harder to optimize it.

BigCommerce is good for SEO in a number of different ways. For example, BigCommerce automatically creates and updates something known as an XML sitemap for your eCommerce website. A sitemap improves the structure of an online store and makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index a BigCommerce website’s pages before assigning organic search engine rankings.

In addition, BigCommerce has been developed in such a way that it is easy to make adjustments to many on-page features such as URL structure, metadata, title tags, page content, and much more. These so-called “on-page optimizations” improve “on-page SEO,” making it easier for search engine algorithms to find your site and rank it higher.

However, no platform is perfect for SEO and it still takes the efforts of platform-specific experts, in this case, BigCommerce SEO experts, to fully SEO-optimize all of the features of your website.

How Does an SEO Specialist Improve BigCommerce SEO?
There are many, many ways that a BigCommerce SEO agency can improve a BC website for optimization, including but not limited to the following:

● Performing keyword research and maintaining a keyword strategy.
● Content production, publication, and distribution.
● Link building strategy, both internal and external links.
● Optimizing on-page features.
● Improving a website’s mobile design.
● Minifying code to improve site speed.
● Improving website structure.
● Developing key pages to boost UX as well as SEO.
● And much more

How Long Does It Take BigCommerce SEO Services to Work?
It’s very difficult to estimate how long it will take SEO services to work because some of the things that affect SEO are out of the control of both the business owner and the SEO specialist. For example, website age affects SEO, and it can take a while for beneficial changes to take effect. Baseline optimization and website health also come into the picture.

However, as a general rule, it takes several months for SEO optimizations to start generating higher organic traffic for an eCommerce website, BigCommerce or otherwise. Usually, it takes about 6 months for shifts in organic rankings to occur, with the best changes occurring a year later and beyond.

This sounds like a long time to wait but SEO is and should be considered a long-term digital marketing strategy. Even though it takes months for results to develop, they compound on themselves. Think of SEO results as the interest on an investment.

How Much Do BigCommerce SEO Services Cost?
The cost of BigCommerce SEO optimization will vary according to the size and complexity of the website, the number of items delivered as part of the strategy’s scope, and the number of keywords targeted. Other factors could affect the price as well.

Most companies will provide you with a free estimate or will offer a free eCommerce SEO audit so you can gain actionable insights before making a decision one way or the other.

Where Can I Get BigCommerce SEO Services?
There are many digital agencies that offer BigCommerce SEO services, but we recommend 1DigitalⓇ Agency at They have developed a proprietary process for BigCommerce SEO that has been generating results for their clients for 10 years.

In addition to specializing in the features and idiosyncrasies of BC, they also specialize in many other major eCommerce platforms and have managed campaigns for clients of all sizes around the world in many different industries.

To get started with your campaign and to learn which options are at your disposal, get started with a free eCommerce SEO audit or contact them directly at 888-982-8269.

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