Business Liability Insurance Brokers: Who are they and what do they do?

Business liability insurance brokers play a crucial role in the insurance industry. Finding a trusted and reputed broker is a must for every business type, especially the ones in risk-prone locations.

First let us understand what business liability insurance is, before moving on to what a broker can do for your business.

What do we mean by business liability insurance?
Put in simple terms, a business liability insurance is a type of insurance which provides protection of the financial interests of companies or business owners against formal lawsuits or third-party claims.

A general business liability insurance cover will include all direct financial liabilities and any type of legal defense expense incurred by your business.

3 main types of business liability insurance:

● General liability insurance

● Professional liability insurance

● Product liability insurance

Some key things to note:

● A business liability insurance safeguards your business’ financial interests.

● It secures against penalties or litigations as well as associated legal costs.

● Cost of such coverage depends on your business type and business location.

● You require a well experienced and trusted liability broker for your business.

What can your business liability insurance broker protect you against?
A business liability insurance broker is the link between your business and the chosen insurance company. He or she provides the much needed link and mutual understanding between the two.

– Your liability broker can provide protection to your business assets.

– The liability broker (through the insurance company) pays for legal obligations

These can include for instance, medical costs borne for a customer who gets hurt at your property, in addition to on-the-job injuries of employees.

– Such insurance brokers deliver protection against legal defense costs.

For instance, settlement offerings or awards which are legally required against the business.

– Protection against liability arising from damage to rented commercial property (or where they operate from).

This can be due to events such as fire, mold, floods, or other physical catastrophes.

– Such business liability brokers also help in coverage against claims of misleading advertising.

This also includes slander and copyright infringement.

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