Buying Bulk Pipe Tobacco: It’s a No-Brainer

While this article is intended to be directed at pipe smokers, it is also applicable to cigar smokers, and it’s well known that buying cigars in bundles or by the box can incur cost savings and also help ensure that the tobacco undergoes less loss of quality in transit and storage.

If you’ve never given serious thought to buying bulk pipe tobacco, it’s time to change that. For all but the most casual smokers, buying bulk tobacco can save money and safeguard quality. Here’s what you need to know.

Bulk Pipe Tobacco Is Easier to Keep Hydrated
Probably the most important reason you should do more than entertain the thought of buying your favorite tobacco blends in bulk is that it is easier to keep it hydrated in bulk. A little bit of tobacco – especially if you store it in a small case or in a permeable pouch – is suspect to drying out.

Dry tobacco smokes terribly, bites the tongue, and tastes horrible. It can be resuscitated, up to a point, but it will suffer permanent loss of flavor if it’s been allowed to dry out. The only reasonable solution is to keep your tobacco in a temperature and humidity-regulated environment.

Which, by the way, is easier to do for bulk pipe tobacco than for small quantities. While it’s easier to get a small quantity of pipe tobacco to “take a drink,” the smaller the quantity, the more quickly it dries out. Large jars of tobacco are easier to keep at a constant humidity and don’t get desiccated so quickly.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that bulk pipe tobacco, by nature of its volume, has a bit of a safeguard against drying out.

Bulk Pipe Tobacco Ages Well
Some smokers also like to age their tobacco products, and bulk tobacco ages better in company than in smaller quantities. That’s one of the reasons that cigar smokers will keep cedar humidors with more than one blend in each other’s company. They all develop in complexity and age in each other’s companies. You can do the same with some bulk tins of opened pipe tobacco in a well-regulated humidor, too.

Bulk Pipe Tobacco Will Save You Money
Now let’s get to the elephant in the room, which also will be the crux of this post for most smokers. Buying tobacco in bulk will save you money. Instead of making frequent trips to the tobacco shop to pick up a few ounces of your favorite pipe blend simply because it’s fresh, learn how to care for it yourself and buy it in bulk.

The same goes for cigar smokers. You can save substantially when you buy in bulk or by the box instead of singly, which will add up over time, especially if you age your cigars. Sometimes you can even buy “blemished” cigars that have nothing more than cosmetic flaws, and these are sometimes marked for a significant discount.

At any rate, one of the best reasons to buy bulk pipe tobacco (or cigars) is because it can potentially save you quite a bit of money.

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