Can An eCommerce SEO Company Increase Your Revenue?

In a perfect world, you would be compensated according to the amount of work and dedication you put into your projects. Indeed, hard work always brings benefits if you do it long enough. However, in the digital marketing world, it is common to feel our income does not match the efforts. And there are objective reasons for that.

Nowadays, building an eCommerce website requires fewer resources and time than setting up an actual physical store. However, an online store has a sales potential that can match or even surpass that of a shop no matter if it is in a premium location.

However, the search engine real estate market has become so competitive, that even successful brands depend on eCommerce SEO experts to remain relevant and keep traffic coming.

Remember that search engines are the main source of traffic for eCommerce stores. More than 70% of all organic traffic to eCommerce business’s websites comes from search results. However, a stunning 92% of that traffic is generated by Google’s first page, making it the most coveted piece of real estate in the world today. In other words, if you are not on the first page of search results when your audience is looking for your products, you might as well not exist.

SEO is the combination of processes and techniques aimed at placing a website among the first results Google shows to its users when their queries are somehow related to what the website offers.

Most merchants today have a faint idea of what SEO entails. They even know how to perform some basic tasks that help them climb up in ranking. However, given the sheer amount of websites trying to reach the top three positions, the competition has become incredibly fierce, and reaching the first spots now requires them to stop working hard and start working smart.

One good example of this can be found in how keyword research and targeting are performed. It is not uncommon to see online businesses pouring money on extremely ambitious keywords that might help them break even in best-case scenarios, but will most likely represent long-term net losses.

Understanding how the Google algorithm works is key when choosing the right target keywords for your business. Targeting generic one-word terms is often a fight that is not worth fighting. For small businesses, or even brands experiencing growth, targeting long-tail keywords is usually a better strategy. These might have lower search volume, but a much higher click-through rate as they are mostly used by individuals who are way down their customer journey and are ready to convert.

But given the virtually infinite possible combinations of long-tail keywords present, having an eCommerce SEO company on your side is the only way to make sure your digital marketing campaign starts with the right foot. A specialized team of marketing experts will create a clearly defined buyer persona that can tell you a lot more about your target market. This information is vital when you need to anticipate how users will perform queries related to your products so you can target the matching keywords. In other words, an eCommerce SEO company narrows down your target audience to a point where you only invest in users that are more likely to buy from you. This drastically increases conversion rates and reduces customer acquisition costs.

Moreover, the best eCommerce agencies also target other vital factors that greatly affect your website’s performance in the eyes of Google, such as page speed, URL structure, meta information, and much more.

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