Characteristics of a winning bid

Gaining enough clarity about the tender is the first step to submitting successful bidding proposals. It is good to have a meeting or telephone conversation to understand the client’s requirements. Asking questions before submitting your tender always pays since you will not have to approach the tender with doubts and uncertainties. Finally when it comes to preparing the proposal, you will need to ensure that your proposal is a compelling one that will impress the buying authority so very well. Here are a few top characteristics of a winning bid that are usually ensured in the proposals submitted through the help of bid writing services.

The purpose of calling a proposal
The buying authority wants to ensure that they give the contract to a competent person or organization that will give them the best products or services at the most competitive pricing within the specified time frame. The purpose of seeking bidding proposals is to pick out the right one to give the contract. Hence, you have the chances to get the contract only when your proposal stands out from the others in meeting the buying authority’s expectations and requirements thoroughly.

Characteristics of a winning tender

Client focus
A winning tender will always focus on the client and their needs and tell how you will be able to solve their problems. Your proposal must be able to speak clearly of your capabilities and inclination to give them the best products or service.

Will help the client generate some useful ideas
A good tender will make the client find some alternative ways of tackling the issues and can remove their worries on how the issues of staffing implications and future maintenance can be solved. If you find a qualification document, ensure that you can meet the criteria mentioned in the document.

What decides the success of most winning bids
Quite often, most people and organizations submitting bids go with the notion that a lower price quoted will attract the buying authority. This is not always true. Value for money is more important than a lower price. However, both these concerns need to be addressed with a balance. Some attractive aspects like reliability, lifetime costs, satisfied customers, low maintenance. Quality, business benefits, lesser risks, service improvements and others can impress the buying authority.

Contract management
You must reveal in your proposal that you have the resources necessary to do the work in a cost effective way to meet the client needs, meet the deadlines and respond to the changing and demanding situations in a flexible way. Providing details about your team to showcase your capabilities and your experience of undertaking similar projects can have a significant weightage.

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