Check if your website is ready for the search engines in 2021

If you have not thought about it so far, it is time to review your SEO strategies and patch up what is necessary in 2021 since many things have changed about SEO. Find a good Alberta SEO services and conduct a site audit to ascertain where your site stands. Here are the top SEO trends to implement in your site in 2021.

Voice search
In 2021, voice search has totally changed the SEO game. In the US alone, statistics reveal us that 4 out of 10 adults use voice search at least once in a day. Also, a Google survey has brought to surface that more than 85% of users feel voice search is the future. Comscore has recently estimated that over half of the searches will happen by voice in 2021. It is hence necessary to first optimize your content with longer and conversational key words. Remember the keywords people use on voice search are different from those that they use on their keyboard. FAQ section will be more useful to your website as Google wants to pull in answers for voice based queries from the FAQ section. As a latest trend, sites are adding 30 words snippets content specifically to answer voice search.

Video SEO
More users are spending time on YouTube than ever before. The growth of YouTube means the crowding of content over there. Optimizing your video content is the way to be found on YouTube. Use YouTube’s auto complete feature to find some good keywords for your videos. Use these keywords in the titles, tags and description when you post your video content.

Search intent
Google is giving search intent the top priority in 2021. Google is now bringing up results that match search intent. Here search intent means results that provide the users what they look for. If your page can match the search intent of the user, the chances are high that it will rank higher. Keyword analysis can give you an insight into what the users want. Ensure that you page is aligned well with the specific search intent relevant to your content and offering.

AI algorithm
Some time back, Google launched ‘Rank Brain’, an artificial intelligence algorithm. Google says this is one of the most important ranking factors now. Adapting your SEO strategy to match Google’s AI search algorithm, is necessary and the fact remains that the latest AI algorithm of Google lays more emphasis on the user experience signals. In short Google wants to see that the users get what they want from your page.

Mobile first approach
Mobile first indexing was rolled out by Google in 2019. Now Google considers that the mobile version of your site is the main version. Your site has chances to rank higher only if Google’s mobile crawler can index all the content available on every page of your website. It is also necessary for your site to load well on mobile devices to secure a conspicuous place among the top results.

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