Choosing a Philadelphia SEO Agency: Step by Step

Looking for a way to increase organic traffic and leads to your local business in the Philadelphia area?

Unless you’re an expert at performing keyword research, analyzing search intent, coding, writing, and link building, what you need is a Philadelphia SEO agency.

They’ll optimize your website and send targeted traffic to your online or brick-and-mortar store.

Here’s how to get one.

1.Perform a search
First things first. Compile a list of Philadelphia SEO agency candidates. Start simple. Type in something that basic, like “Philadelphia SEO agency” or “Philadelphia SEO company” and see what comes up.

You’re going to want to find your partner using a search engine for one very specific reason. This is search engine optimization (SEO) we’re talking about. They need to be able to show up in their own market for their own keywords.

If they don’t show up, their SEO services won’t do much for you.

Pick two or three and proceed to step three (unless step two applies to you).

2.Seek professional advice, if you can
If you have friends in the business that can recommend a Philadelphia SEO agency, make sure to give them some attention. Their positive experience with an agency’s digital marketing services might be translatable to you.

3.Consult their reviews, testimonials, and other accolades
Once you have a lead, start reading reviews. Check out client testimonials on the agency website but make sure to corroborate them. They may be biased.

Look for Google reviews and other asseverations of their efficacy. If you can find positive reviews on other websites, there’s a good chance they mean business.

Also be sure to consider other awards, accolades, or social proof. For example, consider agencies that have won awards or which have been prominently featured in publications of others in the business, like MOZ, Neil Patel, SEMRush, and the like.

4.Peruse their social media
Check out each of these Philadelphia SEO agencies ’ social media platforms. Not for content, so much, but to see how they interact with clients.

If there’s little to no client interaction, it may be a red flag – just food for thought.

5.Read their case studies
Not all agencies publish case studies but those that do have results they can show. Check out the agency website for case studies and read some of them, with special attention on agency clients that are in your business.

6.Define your objectives and set a budget
You’ll want to set goals before you can partner with a Philadelphia SEO agency to meet them. Do you want:

-To spread brand awareness to potential customers
-For lead generation for growing your business
-Improve organic rankings for competitive keywords
-Increase conversions and sales
-Decrease your dependence on pay per click marketing
-Support a long term content marketing strategy
-Or a combination of all of these above?

Set the goals, then allocate a budget for SEO services. Time to contact an agency and get an SEO strategy off the ground.

7.Contact them: ask them how they will help you accomplish your objectives
Call the agency you think to want to work with and talk to them about your goals. Ask them what their process will be for accomplishing those objectives.

8.Arrive at a services package and go for it
If you’ve determined that such a team of SEO consultants can meet your needs you simply need to work with that agency to create a plan and settle on pricing.

9.Start with a free eCommerce SEO audit if you need more insight
By this step in the process you’ll probably be ready with a Philadelphia SEO agency, but if you need one more push to make a decision for one way or the other, consider starting with a free eCommerce SEO audit.

An audit will give you real, analytical insights into your competitive positioning and actionable insights for how to proceed with your SEO objectives.

To get started through this avenue, visit 1DigitalⓇ Agency at, a full-service digital marketing agency whose services include SEO and PPC (including local SEO), website design, development, and even support.

Start with a free eCommerce SEO audit and get your SEO campaign off on the right foot!

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