Choosing a USB Charging Vape Over a Disposable Vape Pen

When you are just getting started vaping, you will probably be recommended disposable vape pens to try first. We can see why, but we would like to remind you that rechargeable vape pens are still on the table too. It could not be any easier using a USB charging vape for an extended period of time. The battery life can last you days on a full charge only needs a USB cable for you to recharge it. What we are trying to say is: rather than going straight for disposable vape pens, you might want to consider a refillable, rechargeable option first.

Better Value

You can vape on a budget pretty easily, as long as you know how to shop for the best value. Vaping with a USB charging vape is without a doubt your best option in this regard. Disposable vape pens are probably better for those who are curious about vaping and want to try it out before getting a permanent USB charging vape to use consistently. That’s because disposable vape pens allow you to try vaping in very limited amounts but are not meant to be kept around for very long. USB charging vapes, on the other hand, are meant to be enjoyed frequently with regular refills. In the long run, you can save a lot of money buying refills for one refillable vape pen than buying individual disposable vape pens repeatedly.

More Variety

Although disposable vape pens are fun for trying out a new flavor for a short amount of time, they are very limited in what they can offer. These pens can only contain one flavor of vape juice and cannot be refilled or replaced. A USB charging vape can hold any flavor of vape liquid and then be refilled with a new flavor once it runs out. With that one vape device, you can buy your vape refills in any flavor you want and not have to repurchase the pen itself. You can jump in between flavors as often as you want with a refillable vape but are limited to one flavor only with a disposable vape pen.

Less Wasteful

Disposable vape pens are fun for a one-time purchase but are not the best in the long-run. With their limited lifespan, you can continue to enjoy them as long as you continue to repurchase them. Buying new pen after pen adds up in cost, but also in waste since you will be using an entire small device each time you finish your vape. Buying a USB charging vape allows you to enjoy vaping for a much longer amount of time with the same single vape device. You do not have to purchase the pen more than once, only the low-waste refill options. Just recharge and refill.

Disposable vape pens definitely have their benefits, but for anyone interested in vaping long-term and saving money, USB charging vape is the way to go. However, you can decide for yourself after doing a little research on the Cyclone Pods website. They have tons of great flavors of vape liquid for either option you choose and have more resources for figuring out what is the best option for you.

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