Cigars On a Budget: Should I Be Buying Quorum Cigars?

Picking up a new habit, hobby, or interest can be tough when there is a price to pay for it as you go along. It can be very intimidating especially to those who are quite young, focused on budgeting, or do not have much disposable income to pay up. Having a budget, however, should not stop you from enjoying yourself and pursuing the things that bring you joy or spark your excitement. You do not always have to choose between being financially responsible and having a little bit of fun here and there. You just have to go about it the right way.

In the case of smoking cigars, it could be as simple as choosing the right brands to buy your products from. Once you can find some brands that have a modest price point and you enjoy, you can go off from there. First-time smokers curious about starting and old fans of cigars wanting to smoke more, can all appreciate a high-quality cigar at a fair price. To find the intersection between price and quality, any of these people might be pretty interested in hearing about Quorum cigars. Let’s take a look at this brand to see why.

About the Brand

Quorum cigars are produced by the J.C. Newman company and are probably the best known for their commitment to low-priced cigars without sacrificing quality in the process. Quorum cigars are medium-bodied, short filler cigars that are full of a flavorful, Nicaraguan blend.

While they are known for their quality for having such a low price, Quorum cigars are considered by many to be a best-kept secret of sorts. The brand is shown incredible amounts of love and appreciation from those who do smoke these cigars, and sell a substantial number of units around the world, but especially in the United States. Yet the brand seems to have kept a fairly low profile over the years, not getting the attention and praise it deserves. One has to wonder if perhaps it is not praised as much because it does not use luxury as a selling point, but quality and affordability. Who knows for sure? But one thing that is sure is that this is no brand to ignore.

What to Buy

So you know a little bit more about the brand and might like to get started trying them out. Without a doubt, your best bet to get the best value possible is to shop for a cigar bundle. With a nice bundle of twenty Quorum Maduro cigars in your humidor, you can enjoy smoking a cigar more often throughout the week than you initially thought you would be able to afford. You can enjoy a great everyday cigar without scaring your wallet. Part of what made getting into cigar smoking intimidating was that you would constantly have to purchase new cigars, with the cost adding up quickly. A high-value cigar like this gives you even more bang for your buck in the form of a bundle, helps you to work past that concern a bit. You get to have your cigars and smoke them too. Keep the high quality, but save your money.

If this was the first time you have heard of Quorum cigars, then we are happy to have made the introduction. This is a remarkable brand for any cigar enthusiast, new or experienced, to know about. Feel free to look around at what the brand has to offer and pick out a few to try out. You can find them sold at Rocky’s Cigars along with some other brands and tobacco-related products.

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