Cloud Defensive: Challenging Convention, Redefining Standards

If there were no enterprising spirits and no problem-solving arms manufacturers, there’d be no breech-loading arms or self-contained cartridges. Innovation is paramount to success in the industry for arms and tactical gear. Innovation creates advantage and advantage decides engagements.

Cloud Defensive was conceived in that spirit of commitment to innovation. Where there is convention, they challenge it, where there is opportunity for improvement, they uncover it. Their mission has been to develop world-class equipment that outperforms expectations and at affordable price points.

The proof is in their products.

Cloud Defensive’s Flagship Tactical Gear

OWL: Optimized Weapon Light
Cloud Defensive’s Optimized Weapon Light (OWL) is a next-generation weapon mounted light that was developed in accordance with the maxim that a weapon light should fit your platform; your gun shouldn’t have to accommodate the light.

The OWL can be mounted with the light body on the left or right side of the rail, with a full-length, integrated switch that is easily accessible on either side of the weapon. It is a one-piece solution with no interfering, interposing cables, and no remote switches. Its proprietary electrical system allows for both momentary and constant-on capabilities.

It’s also easy to mount and self-contained, with a tool in the tail cap that facilitates mounting. It’s just as easy to break down, with a quick-disconnected head and tail cap featuring a unique, innovative tri-lug system. No threads, no special tools needed.

The OWL’s warmer LED lighting temperature is superior at penetrating photonic barriers to preserve visibility, and the system’s output and focus, in terms of lumens and candela, are unmatched by the nearest competition.

It’s waterproof and the electrical system itself is fully sealed; it’s shockproof, it’s dustproof, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

REIN: What a Weapon Light Should Be
Like the OWL, the Cloud Defensive REIN is a next-generation weapon lighting system that is engineered for uncommon performance and unbeatable value. Available in two different models, the REIN is compatible with existing scout light mounts and features a field serviceable lens and tail cap. It also incorporates isolated dual switching for redundant reliability. Like the OWL, it is dustproof, shockproof, waterproof (in this case, IPX8), and allows for momentary and constant-on functionality.

LCS: Light Control System
Cloud Defensive LCS, or Light Control System, is a dependable solution to weapon-light activation and management that eliminates the need for improvised, jury-rigged makeshift attachments.

It features an aluminum or polymer hard mount for the tape switch and integrated cable channels through both sides of the mount, enabling you to manage excess lengths of cable, thus reducing the change of a cable-related failure to the system.

Available in two configurations, the LCS is incredibly versatile, small, durable, and lightweight. It is compatible with Picatinny rails and MLOK, and can even be used with Surefire and Streamlight weapon lights.

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