Common Gun Accessories Your Gun Shop Should Provide

Gun owners don’t all need the same accessories, but most gun shops dot their i’s and cross their t’s with most of the following, just to be safe. Even if you weren’t looking for a preliminary list of prerequisites, it’s a good idea to have the safe or the chest stocked with the following essential gun accessories so you can be a better prepared and more responsible gun owner.

1. Ammo – Probably the most obvious one on the list, but you might be surprised how many gun shops or sporting goods stores carry popular cartridges like 12 gauge shells, .22 LR and .223 Remington, but lack oddities like .303 British. Obviously, you can’t feed your gun without the proper round, and your gun shop should carry it.

2. Magazines – A spare magazine is worth the investment, whether it will just save you time at the range or it will be your lifeline for home defense.

3. Targets – Some judicious, parsimonious gun owners make their own targets. Others shell out the pennies that gun shops ask for them. Whether you buy them or not, your gun shop of choice should carry them.

4. Protection for eyes and ears – Many ranges will not let you on the line without eye and ear protection, and you shouldn’t go shooting at unsupervised ranges or hunt without them.

5. Optics and sights – This category is fairly inclusive. You might need a scope, a reflex or a red dot sight, or even a bonafide iron sight to drop into your receiver as a replacement for a missing one.

6. Tactical lights – A niche gun accessory, but a valuable one for those who use them. Some lights are useful for self defense and can be mounted easily to a Pic rail or a handguard.

7. Slings and bipods – A sling will make it easier for you to carry your gun from point A to point B, a bipod will give you a stable shooting rest at point B.

8. Choke tubes – You won’t be hunting turkeys and shooting skeet with the same loads or the same choke.

9. Spare gun parts for repairs – Missing a screw, or a spring, or a follower? Need to replace a trigger group or make some adjustments to your existing one? You’ll need the right parts for it, and a gunsmith or a gun shop should carry them.

10. Part specific tools – Some parts can only be adjusted or installed via the help of very specific tools, like a choke wrench or a sight adjustment tool. Your gun shop will probably have both, and others.

11. Cleaning kits and accessories – Cleaning kits and accessories are not exciting, but they are necessary. Don’t let your gun sit with fouling muddying up the bore. It’ll just cause corrosion over time.

12. Gun accessories for training – A gun shop might also carry accessories for training, like snap caps or colored glasses that block out the laser sight you use so you can be more effective getting on target and reducing flinching.

That list will just about cover the most basic and yet necessary gun accessories you could never for your average day at the range or weekend in the field. If your gun shop has them, or can get them for you, good. If not, it’s time for you to turn your attention to Sarco, Inc., Sarco, Inc., which has a retail outlet in Easton, PA (but can also be shopped online at carries all of the essential firearm accessories listed here and countless others you wouldn’t even think of until you needed them.

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