Creating a Relaxing and Hygienic Home

There are different ways to enhance the atmosphere and mood of your home, but to make it hygienic at the same time too? That can be a challenge.

However, there are now strategies to give your home a relaxing atmosphere, while still maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. One way to achieve ambience with a purifying purpose is to use mold-reducing candles. These candles can be lit in your living room, toilets and bath, and even bedrooms to give off that soft and calming mood.

But at the same time, the candles are proven to reduce mold spores and other fungi in your home’s indoor air. Let’s examine how these candles and other strategies can help you accomplish this.

Do I Have Mold and Mildew in My Home?
Sometimes, we think a clean house instantly precludes that we do not have mold or mildew. However, if you smell something musty or earthy in the air, it means mold and mildew spores are inside your home, even if they are not visible.

If your home has a damp surface, mold can grow within 24 hours in the area, if spores are present. If nothing is done to control indoor humidity, mold can quickly grow and cause mild to severe health problems for you and your family, which includes coughs, colds, allergies, and other infections.

A Relaxing and Hygienic Home: A Few Steps
If you find some of your fabrics and furniture with mold and mildew, you need to do the following to clean them thoroughly and ensure that mold won’t spread in your home:

Use dehumidification.
Install or use portable dehumidifiers to keep your indoor humidity below 50%. Mold must have moisture to grow. Remove this vital ingredient from the mold recipe.

Move carpets and fabrics outside for cleaning.
Cleaning carpets and fabrics can spread mold and mildew spores in the air. Take them outside in direct sunlight if possible for deep cleaning and airing out.

Wash fabrics.
Soak and wash fabric with enzyme cleaner designed to treat and remove mold and mold stains. You can then use a laundry additive in every wash that is designed to rinse away mold spores to prevent them from taking hold.

Clean areas with mold treatment spray.
Use a clean cloth and apply a natural mold treatment spray r onto the surface. If there is visible mold growth, consider throwing the item out or use an enzyme cleaner to remove mold stains.

Use a fogger to reduce mold spores.
Once all areas have been cleaned of mold, use a mold fogger or spray to remove mold spores in the indoor air. In some areas of the house, such as living areas, the dining room and bath, light mold-reducing candles after use.

Ensure proper ventilation in the house.
The air indoors must be properly circulated, so fresh air exchanges often and mold spores can move out and not have a proper surface to create a colony. Dehumidifiers, fans, and even opening a window can help, especially during the summer.

It’s More Than Creating a Mood, It’s a Lifestyle
Opening the windows, lighting candles, and ensuring your home has proper ventilation is not just about giving your home a comfortable and breezy atmosphere. It’s also to ensure that it is free of mold, and the indoor air is of the highest quality!

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