Creative and Practical Uses for a Dummy Grenade

While dummy rounds might be used more frequently for training purposes, dummy grenades still have plenty of value for creative, insightful individuals. You just need to know where to find them and then you can make the most of some of these novel ideas for practical and creative uses.

1. Finish a historical display
With a period accurate or authentic display, you’re going to need the right parts to complete the whole. If you’re putting together, for example, a collection of World War II relics or historical replicas, a dummy grenade would not be out of place, provided you had the right model.

2. Use it as an educational tool
Whether you perform reenactments or work at a university or a museum, a dummy grenade like an inert grenade can serve as a highly practical and functional educational resource. Inert grenades, in specific, maintain most of the attributes of live grenades (minus the functionality) and can be used to demonstrate hypothetical use or operation.

3. Use it as a prop in an amateur filming venture
A dummy grenade can also be a useful prop in an amateur filming venture, and there certainly are no shortage of those. Period inaccuracies and a dearth of quality props and costumes plague the amateur film industry. If you’re interested in that type of thing, don’t let the same issues befall you. Be ready with accurate replicas, props and costumes, even down to the level of a dummy grenade that compliments the scene properly.

4. Use it to complete a reenactor’s ensemble
In a similar vein, reenactors always have a relevant need for period authentic props, clothing, equipment and other supporting gear. If you partake in reenactments, you’re probably already on the lookout for good deals in authentic reproductions and actual original equipment that pertain to the time period that interests you. An inert grenade might suit you just fine.

5. Use it as a very intriguing paperweight
Finally, if you have no other legitimate reason to get yourself an inert grenade but you just can’t shake the desire, get one and make it an item of curiosity. Place it on your desk and use it as a paperweight or keep it as a conversation starter. You don’t really need a good reason or a justification to invest in the things that interest you, but if you must have one, use that dummy grenade as a classy paperweight. Nothing will get out from under it, that’s for sure.

The matter of use has been all but settling; all that remains is for you to go and find the actual dummy grenade for which you have a need. Whether you’re looking for a classic inert American Pineapple Grenade or an M26 Lemon Grenade or something more esoteric like a German stick or egg grenade, Sarco Inc., has them.

Visit their website to learn more about the specifics of their inert grenades or to ask any lingering questions you have about them before you buy. You can learn more on their website or give them a call at 610-250-3960.

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