Decorate Your Home Using Entryway Planters

As much effort as you put into stylizing your home decor, and creating the garden of your dreams in the backyard, you should remember one more thing. The front entryway of your home matters too. While the inside of your home and your backyard might be reserved more for close family and friends than strangers, the front of your home is a friendly sight for anyone in the neighborhood or just passing through. You might want to do a little more with it to make it more charming and inviting when you come home.

If you have spent any amount of time working on the plants in your backyard to make your garden look beautiful, then chances are you are a plant lover. Plant lovers can rejoice as it is possible to bring over some of that same energy from other parts of your home or garden to the front of your house. Consider using entryway planters as a way to decorate the door or front porch of your home.

Window Planters
Window planters are fun for decorating the outside of your home because they are more visible from the outside of the house than the inside. Decorate the window that sits right next to the front door with a beautiful window planter. Even with a good amount of distance from the front door, passersby can notice and appreciate the floral arrangements of a well-cared-for window planter box. These are fairly easy to maintain using small, seasonal plants that get along with each other. You can use this as an opportunity to have a pop of color if the facade of your home is mainly neutral in color. Something bright and cheery that can be enjoyed from inside or outside the home.

Tall Planters
When people talk about entryway planters, these are usually the ones that come to mind. Tall, slim planters that stand upright like little guards of the home. But instead of looking intimidating, these planters are wholly inviting and welcoming to anyone hopping inside. You can easily decorate these planters standing by either side of the front door with a small tree or tall, leafy plants like areca palms. Achieving height creates a more elegant look when combined with the height of the planter itself. These kinds of entryway planters are great for growing one single type of plant at a time, which might make the maintenance a bit easier for you to handle, especially if you are keeping plants in other areas of the property as well.

Wide Planters & Pots
In lieu of having just one or two entryway planters, you could opt for several smaller planters around your home’s entryway. This is especially fun as an option if you have a porch or a good amount of space at the entrance of your home. You can display smaller flower pots and short but wide planters around on the floor or outdoor table if you have one.

Go on and decorate every part of your home with beautiful plant life. You are allowed to do what you want to make your home a comfortable, accurate representation of your family and personal tastes. If you wish to carry that to the front of your home with a display of plants, then entryway planters might be what you are looking for. Explore each different type of planter and get creative brainstorming what you can do with each one. A good starting point for decorating with entryway planters is at There they have a wide assortment of planters big and small for you to style your home as you like. Have fun and get creative.

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