Do I Need A BigCommerce SEO Agency?

Setting up a BigCommerce store is now easier than ever. The eCommerce platform´s features make it a great starting point for small and mid-sized businesses who want to start selling their products as soon as possible without having to spend a lot of money.

BigCommerce has it all. Great-looking templates, a plethora of useful plugins, and top-notch customer support. However, the platform can quickly start feeling restrictive as your business starts growing.

This has a lot to do with the ways most templates are created. In order for them to work as a one-size-fits-all solution for ever-larger audiences, they have to cut down on functionality. They seem to allow for a lot of customization, but it all must be done within a very narrow set of limits.

Here is where an experienced BigCommerce SEO agency comes in handy. To access more advanced BigCommerce features, you need to be able to stitch together a handful of plugins to make them work together without experiencing any hiccup that would make your website lose rankings (or conversions).

All these operations must be performed at the code level, and it requires more than just coding knowledge. Since no two businesses or online stores are not equal, the challenges they face are unique and so must be the solutions implemented.

One of the bigger issues businesses must address is SEO performance. Implementing any SEO strategy the way your digital marketing team envisions it requires a level of customization that can only be achieved by professional BigCommerce developers and SEO experts.

After you have determined the keywords you need to target, and the specific intent your audience is mostly inclined to present when performing searches on Google, you need to create a website that matches that intent and keywords.

This might come as a surprise for some, but 55% of users do not know where to locate the information they are looking for after they land on a website, even if the website is recommended by Google.

Even when the user finally figures out how a landing or product page works, they still have to contend with the checkout process or conversion funnel.

We applaud BigCommerce´s effort to make all of its templates fairly intuitive, and many third-party plugins can make your life easier when it comes to managing the financial side of a website. However, trying to make the process even more streamlined, faster, or intuitive is almost impossible after a certain point. Moreover, complex websites impose their own set of challenges, as every small tweak you make could cause a domino effect that can potentially make your rankings tank overnight, and recovery could take weeks.

The main goal of BigCommerce SEO is to steadily increase revenue for years to come. This means that your online store, if you plan for growth, will need incremental adjustments for increased performance, more powerful plugins, server migration, and integration services. All these must be executed in perfect sync with your SEO strategy.

Being backed up by a professional SEO Agency is the only way to guarantee that your website is coded for performance and that the platform never becomes a ball and chain for future growth.

For continuous business growth for years to come, get in touch with Genius eCommerce and give your online store a fighting chance of dominating your industry.

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