Do You Need Towing Mirrors?

Designed to give you a better view of what’s behind and around your vehicle, towing mirrors are a must for road safety. Let’s talk about why you need them and what kind you need for safe hauling.

Why Do You Need Towing Mirrors?
The law differs from state to state, but if you’re towing a vehicle bigger than the width of your main vehicle, you should definitely have them. However, aside from the fact that the law requires it, there are other reasons why they’re not an optional addition.

●They ensure road safety. Perhaps the most important reason is that they help you travel safely. Your regular side and rearview mirrors are simply not enough for the kind of added safety you need when your field of vision is limited.

Anything can happen on the road and the last thing you want is not knowing what’s going on around you when you come upon road situations that invite danger.

●You can have a good field of vision. Without a doubt, your line of vision increases when you have these mirrors. You want to have a better visual field when you’re driving and whether you’re towing or not.

This is why travel trailer owners have them, even if they’re not actively towing another vehicle. Who doesn’t want to drive comfortably?

●You can say goodbye to dangerous blind spots forever. Drive around knowing what’s going on around the back and on both sides of your vehicle when you’re towing large vehicles.

Different Types of Towing Mirrors
There are several types out there, but there are two basic kinds according to how you plan to install them.

●Mirror-Mounted Mirrors
Mirror-mounted or clip-on mirrors are the most common and the easiest types to install. With a simple clamp or a clip, you can securely attach them to your mirror and extend your line of vision instantly.

If you favor portability and flexibility in trailer mirrors, this is the way to go. You can fasten them on both of your regular side mirrors and then remove them when you don’t need them.

These types of mirrors are also easier to adjust for a perfect angle and view. Some clip-on mirrors, however, can be quite small and may not be the size you’re looking for.

Also, because they are clip-on, they are less sturdy and stable. Fortunately, there’s another kind that offers both.

●Door-Mounted Mirrors
As the name suggests, these types of mirrors are installed on the door. They are more sturdy and stable than mirror-mounted mirrors.

These types of mirrors are typically large. However, since they are installed within your arm’s reach, you can still easily adjust them anytime.

The one drawback is that they are bulkier and with straps attached to your door, they easily can be a source of discomfort or distraction while you’re driving.

Also, door-mounted mirrors take more time to install and installation can be a little complicated.

There are also mirrors that can be installed on the roof and the hood, but they aren’t very common now.

Nowadays, there are also mirrors with signal lights and heaters to keep them from frosting over. There are also other features that might come in handy.

All those cool features, however, can just be icing on the cake. The most important thing to remember is that they can be your ally on the road. So, yes, if you’re asking, “do I need towing mirrors?” The answer is yes.

There is no one best kind, though. The best is always the one that fits your needs and your budget.

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