Does a small business need a lawyer?

Should I hire a business lawyer? Many small business owners are overwhelmed with this thought. Primarily because, they’re uncertain if they need one, and worried if hiring a lawyer will burn a hole through their pocket.

Consequently, small business owners often hire a lawyer only when any issues arise, such as being sued by a client. The concern is understandable and it’s important to settle it once and for all.

Do I need a small business lawyer?
Small business lawyers act as a substantial asset to a business of a small scale. Additionally, if you’re someone who’s just starting out, there might be a lot of intricacies and nuances in the rules a business must follow, and you might not be able to understand them completely.

A small business lawyer can provide you with the rules and regulations your business needs to follow, prepare documents for the same and ensure that you are minimally exposed to any legal action against your business. Additionally, they can also defend your business, if matters were to be brought to court.

To put it simply, they offer both- Prevention and Cure.

Types of Business Lawyers
There are various types of small business lawyers, primarily five. There are generalists and specialists, and depending on what your needs are you can make a choice.

General Business Lawyer
A general business lawyer is versed in all the aspects of business law. A general business lawyer can guide you on various business matters, and carry out legal tasks such as creating business agreements and drafting contracts.

Generally, you can consult them regarding all legal business matters, and if you think there’s more you can learn, in that case hiring a specialist would be a good idea.

Labor Lawyer
If your business has employees, it’s advised to have a labor lawyer. Primarily, they deal with ensuring legal requirements of employee code, creating manuals. They also assist you in events of mishaps such as charges of irrational terminations, or workplace harassment. And if things were to go to court, a labor lawyer would defend your position on the concerned matter.

Intellectual property Lawyer
Intellectual property lawyers are a great asset to businesses that are reliant on the security of their IP, such as patents and copyrights. They not only safeguard your IP but also carry out an extensive investigation so as to avoid any overlap of IP with other entities.

Tax lawyer
Normally, businesses hire a CPA to handle matters related to taxes. A tax lawyer comes in when legal actions are taken against your business due to tax-related matters. Also, they defend you if the cause of a mishap was the person you hired to do taxes.

Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer
Mergers and acquisitions are complicated, and the process is exhausting. It’s best left to the ones who specialize in the domain. M&A lawyers carry out the negotiations, assess the health of the target entity, create required paperwork and modify the shape of the organization complying with the accepted standards.

Small business lawyers in Calgary
Though sometimes matters can be handled by the owner, it’s always better to have a lawyer. And if you’re looking for small business lawyers in Calgary, you don’t need to search anymore. Du Plooy Law employs reputable small business lawyers in Calgary who specialize in multiple industries. Click here to find out if they serve your industry.

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