Dog Pregnancy Tests: How to Know If Your Dog Is Pregnant

Pregnancy in dogs is a tricky thing to diagnose. The canine reproductive cycle is similar to the human one, but it can be difficult to determine when a dog enters heat and ovulates.

Also, unlike humans, dogs are only pregnant for a short nine-week period. To make sure you give your dog the best support in that short period, taking a dog pregnancy test is advisable.

This article answers some of the most important questions about pregnancy and pregnancy tests for dogs. If you want to know for sure if your dog is pregnant, this article can help you.

Let’s dive in.

Signs Your Dog Is Pregnant
A dog pregnancy test can check for hormone levels from days 21 to 25. From days 20 to 22, an ultrasound will also be able to detect pregnancy already.

By the 30th day, a physical examination can also confirm a pregnancy. The veterinarian may also be able to tell you how many puppies to expect through a physical examination.

If you’re a breeder and have kits that tell you when your dog is fertile, for example, a pregnancy test can confirm your calculations as well.

Non-breeders usually just get tested for pregnancy only after observing physical and behavioral changes in their dogs.

What are those changes and signs that your dog might be pregnant? Take a look at some of the common indicators that you’ll soon be holding little puppies.

● Change in Behavior
A change in your dog’s behavior is probably the first thing you’ll notice. Some dogs crave attention when they’re pregnant, while others avoid it.

Usually, it’s either they’ve suddenly become clingy or they’ve suddenly become a loner. Some dogs may also be more irritable.

● Mucus Discharge
About a month into the pregnancy, your dog will have a mucus discharge that serves as a shield of their fetus from bacteria.

If you have male dogs, you’ll also notice them sniffing your female dog’s behind.

● Weight Gain in the Belly
Your dog’s body will also change. If the belly looks a little bigger than usual, and you’ve also noticed other pregnancy signs, then the dog is probably pregnant.

Pregnant dogs tire easily and nap frequently. So if your dog is lethargic, it’s probably pregnant.

● Change in Appetite
Your dog may either have a high appetite or a low appetite during pregnancy. If your dog suddenly becomes a picky eater, eating nothing at times, it’s likely your dog is pregnant.

Other dogs behave differently. Instead of becoming picky eaters, other pregnant dogs eat a lot. Typically though, the appetite fluctuates several times a day. Eating a lot or less at lunch and then eating nothing at dinner.

● Changes in nipple
The size and the color of your dog’s nipple can also provide some clues. If the nipples have grown bigger or if they look somewhat darker, your dog may be pregnant.

● Nesting Behavior
In preparation for birth, dogs in the latter stage of pregnancy will have a nesting behavior. They’ll find a secure and comfortable spot inside your house or outside. They also may gather materials to make a nest.

Some of these signs are also indicative of a disease. So make sure to see your vet if you notice any physical or behavioral change in your dog.

You may take your dog to the vet for a pregnancy test or buy a kit to test the dog yourself. If you’re a breeder, you might want to invest in your own pregnancy test kit, if you don’t have one yet.

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