Don’t Miss These Contenders for Best Weapon Light

Shooters have plenty of options to choose between for tactical weapons lights for their rifles, shotguns, and handguns. These vary in terms of features, durability, general quality, and noticeably, in price.

Before you go straight for a SureFire or a Streamlight, make sure you read up on the REIN and the OWL, available online at Cloud Defensive ( Both of these shouldn’t miss your attention if you’re looking for the best weapon light available.

Optimized Weapon Light (OWL)
The OWL is one of the most powerful and dependable weapons lights currently available and is everything that a weapon light should be. The OWL is easy and intuitive to mount, reversible and ambidextrous, easily activated with your support hand via its pressure switch, which enables both momentary and constant-on capability.

The OWL is also built to an exceptionally high standard of durability. The OWL is waterproof, with an IPX8 rating; it survived being submerged at 200 feet for 24 hours. It also has an insulated electrical system, so even if water gets inside of the light, nothing will happen.

The OWL boasts an additional long list of “proofs,” including shockproof and dustproof. It’s effectively impervious to the elements and is finished with a Black Nitride anodized hardcoat that offers remarkable corrosion resistance.

Now for optical performance: The OWL is not simply bright; it’s usable light. It carries not just a 1,400 L rating, but a 55,000 Candela rating; it offers superior optical focus to diminish scattering downrange, directing a focused beam on your target, even at ranges of 100 yards and greater. And it is made right here in the USA, unlike most of its competitors.

REIN and REIN Micro
In addition to the OWL, Cloud Defensive also offers the REIN and REIN Micro, two other claimants to the title of best weapon light.

Like the OWL, the REIN and REIN Micro are in a class of their own for performance and durability. Both the REIN and REIN Micro provide momentary and constant-on functionality via their tailcap switches. The REIN is rated at 1,400 L and 60,000 cl, with a run time of 85-90 minutes. The REIN Micro is rated at 1,300 L and 55,000 cl, with a run time of 35 minutes. Both of them accept an 18650 rechargeable battery.

Like the OWL, both of these tactical flashlights are icons of durability. They are both shockproof, dustproof, and hold an IPX8 waterproof rating.

Owners of rifles with Picatinny rail handguards or quad rails will love the REIN and REIN Micro; both of these tactical lights come with a Pic rail mounting system.

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In terms of performance, quality and value, Cloud Defensive has earned a decent share of respect from the market. They have consistently delivered high-quality, high-performance weapon lights for home defense since their beginnings, and they make their products in their own facilities in the United States.

Don’t just make a snap purchase of a SureFire or a Streamlight. Get some more details about the OWL, REIN, and REIN Micro over at Trust your personal safety to the best, and if you have any questions, contact their customer service department at [email protected].

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