Enhance Your Look With an Eco-Friendly Necklace

The fashion industry has always been on the cutting edge in terms of change and innovation. With top designers experimenting and trends shifting from season to season, it’s easy to see why the entire industry has come under fire for its role in environmental degradation. Many critics of fast fashion cite these shifting trends and consumer behaviors as the fuel for what are considered destructive practices.

Not all brands in this space are contributing to wasteful and destructive practices however. In fact, many sustainably made products such as eco-friendly necklaces and other jewelry items are becoming widely available, because many brands are taking it upon themselves to push for better practices.

This quick article outlines this transition and will also help you find some of this jewelry online in case you are interested in buying some of your own!

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Fashion
The eco-friendly jewelry movement is part of a larger transition that involves everything from sustainable clothing to green beauty products. Consumers understands that fast fashion and cheap beauty products don’t do anyone any good, and the impact that these items have on the environment is not worth it.

Jewelry, for instance, is just as popular as ever, despite the fact that so many practices in this industry contribute to the destruction of local ecosystems and could even be contributing to climate change when looked at from a higher point of view. The process of digging for raw materials and precious metals out of the ground has a harsh impact on the environment, and no one wants to be associated with such practices any longer, especially if you have a progressive mindset and are pushing for environmental protections and a sustainable future.

To meet the demands of eco-conscious consumers, brands have had to innovate. This means responsible sourcing of materials, eco-friendly practices, using recycled materials and renewables whenever possible, and creating holistic supply chains that are as efficient and planet-friendly as possible.

Sounds like wishful thinking? You might be surprised, as there are quite a number of brands out there that are making a real difference by implementing these very standards and practices into their process. These eco-friendly brands aren’t interested in just pumping out more of the same kinds of products and contributing to the growing problems of overflowing landfills and dirtied oceans.

Eco-friendly necklaces aren’t just a sustainable solution, they are fashionable as well. Many popular materials such as gold can be repurposed, and gemstones can be upcycled or grown in labs. Don’t think that just because a piece of jewelry has the eco-friendly label attached to it that it is cobbled together from cheap substitutes. In fact, if you know where to shop, you can find exquisite sustainable necklaces and other items that will not only make you feel good about wearing them, they will turn some heads as well.

Finding High-Quality Sustainable Jewelry
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There’s no longer any need to support the questionable practices of mainstream fashion brands. Visit ourCommonplace today and shop through a wide selection of gorgeous recycled jewelry and sustainably made products that are sure to match your aesthetic.

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