Everything You Need To Know About DL Panthenol: Benefits and Uses

It’s highly likely that you run across DL Panthenol in several ingredient lists on products you own in your home. DL Panthenol is also known as Vitamin B5 powder, or Pro-Vitamin B5. It is widely used in some of the best hair and skincare products—even makeup, because of its excellent moisturizing properties. It takes the form of either a white powder or a transparent oil at room temperature. It is added in many conditioners, creams, and lotions as well.

In a world of so many hydrating ingredients, panthenol is often rarely talked about but it’s there and it makes everything great. It can be used both as a humectant—retaining moisture while also preserving the overall properties of your products, as well as emollient—filling those spaces with fatty substances making your skin or hair smoother and softer. When applied topically, DL Panthenol quickly converts into pantothenic acid that binds and holds water effectively, leaving your skin moisturized and soft.

Why DL Panthenol?
This substance has been known to some informed individuals who have been using this for their products as a prime ingredient not only for many skincare products but also hair care and makeup too. You may not notice it but it’s there. Seriously.

Oh, but if you don’t see the actual name “Panthenol” or “DL Panthenol”, you may want to look for Provitamin B5, butanamide, or d-pantothenyl alcohol, they’re all the same. There are so many benefits for having this substance as one of the main ingredients of your product. Some hair-care advantages are that it repairs and strengthens damaged hair, adds more thickness to the hair, reduces split ends, and strengthens the hair. Neat, right?

Panthenol is also a multi-functional ingredient that is useful in most skincare formulations, and with that, this substance also enhances skin barrier repair and reduces inflammation after sulfactant-induced irritation. Also, if you’re mixing this with your lotion products, it can ultimately increase sun-protection factor (SPF), leaving you protected against the negative effects caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. Pretty powerful stuff.

There are other noteworthy effects of this product that were not distinctly expressed above, particularly as it pertains to skincare and general wound healing.

● Revamps moisture retention deep within the skin tissue, penetrating the lower skin layers and injects water into the cells.

● Intercepts trans-epidermal water loss, helps stimulate skin cells that boost skin barrier action locking in moisture and keeps it from escaping.

● Stimulates wound healing, often minor skin injuries.

● Delivers anti-inflammatory activity against UV-induced redness—sunburn.

● Gives an anti-inflammatory derivative of pantothenic acid that helps strengthen the hair and soothe the scalp.

● Penetrates the hair cuticle pulling water from the air

● Improves moisture retention in the hair shaft

● Protects hair from frequent styling or environmental damage by locking in moisture

● It may be used as a hair treatment to help slow down hair thinning

Now, while this may be the ultimate solution to anything dry—skin or hair, this isn’t a magic potion. Applying product with Panthenol directly onto your skin before even washing it does not help you at all. Maximizing its efficiency has less to do with other ingredients involved— like when mixing hyaluronic acid with Panthenol. It is highly recommended that you wash your face first to remove excess dirt and grime before following up with a product that contains this substance.

Panthenol is generally tolerated by many but there are still unique individuals who are prone to allergies. Though the likelihood of using Panthenol and having an allergic reaction is ridiculously low, it’s hard to prove anything is indubitably safe even with substantial testing. And if you’re unsure, test the product first, apply a small amount at the back of your hand then wait a few minutes for any adverse effects.

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