Facts You Should Know When Planning a Cigar Party

Stag parties have evolved from a simple gathering of men for drinks and dinner celebrating the last night of the groom’s bachelor life, to a full-blown destination weekend, where everybody just discovers a whole other version of themselves. And for a designated party planner, you are expected to up your skills and be creative in planning these things including the giveaways and party favors. You can always book a weekend with the guys and the groom in the Caribbean or gamble your way to Sin City for a change.

You can think of the most unique destination weekends but without the small details, people will always look back on the day for “how it could have been”. To avoid this from happening, you need to plan these things carefully and make a checklist of the stuff you should bring for everybody. You would want to start comprehensive research on how to plan a bachelor’s party, make a list of potential suppliers for party favors, including the best cigar bundle deals. It’s a lot of stuff, but if you read on some more, you may save a few hours of endless Google search. Below are the three crucial facts you should know when planning a bachelor’s party.

A Cigar Party
Having a few cigars with friends on a bachelor party weekend has been a tradition that will never die. The smell of the tobacco smoke will mark the event and would somehow become a significant representation of how the whole thing has become successful. To make this an even more interesting highlight of the party, book an outdoor party with the fellas. Otherwise, if you make it an indoor party, non-smokers might find the whole idea irritating and you don’t want to have indignant people leaving the party. That would surely bum the groom out.

Don’t Shy Away on Bundles
Fundamentally, bundles are great. Purchasing a good cigar bundle will save you a great deal of money which you could use for other accessories such as butane lighter or cigar cutter. Be smart in choosing the best cigar bundle deals on the internet, there are lots of bums out there whom you shouldn’t risk your money with. Pick the one that sells premium cigar bundles so the guys can try those bad boys over the weekend. As you know, premium cigars cost a lot of money but if you buy in bundles, you’ll be able to try the taste of premium cigars for less.

No Pressure
There are people who don’t drink or may have to abstain from drinking for health reasons, and there are others who don’t smoke and are not planning on trying one ever. Avoid pressuring them to smoke if they don’t want to. Everyone is entitled to their personal preferences and these things should be respected so everything should go smoothly the way you expected them to be.

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