Finding The Best End Mills for Sale

The process of milling is a fast, efficient, and accurate way to produce custom components. Computer numerical control milling machines need quality cutters in order to get the job done right without damaging your workpiece or your machine. When you are trying to find the best end mills for sale, it is important to consider a few things.

End mills are fast spinning tools that have to deal with a lot of different sources of the strain. They are striking the workpiece several times per second and the friction of those strikes create heat that can build to extremes. High quality end mills will be able to handle these forces without losing their sharp edges.

The material that you are cutting into will also have a huge impact on the end mills being milled. You might be able to get away with a straight two flute cutter if you milling plywood, but you are going to want a higher flute count when working with harder materials like cast iron and steel. Always make sure that you are using the right tools for each material you work with in order to avoid jams and tool failures. Even an end mill that was designed to cut a material as hard as stainless steel might have difficulty cutting through softer aluminum due to the different properties of each material.

In addition to thinking about the composition of your tools, you also need to consider the composition of your tools. Many milling cutting tools are made from steel alloys like high speed steel. While this material can handle temperatures higher than your average stainless steel, they cannot outperform carbide cutting tools. Carbide is a composite material made from ceramic tungsten carbide and a binding metal like cobalt. The ceramic content makes carbide extremely resilient to high temperatures and also gives these tools very strong cutting edges.

Finally you need to consider sourcing your tools. A lot of cheap end mills for sale can be found from overseas markets, but you always run the risk of lower quality control. If a cheap imported tool breaks on you, it can be hard to do anything about it. When you buy from domestic manufacturers, you get higher quality tools and you are working with businesses that can actually be reached during your regular business hours.

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