Get the Right Legal Guidance for Your International Business Expansion

This is a time of globalization, and businesses around the world are crossing borders. If you work with clients overseas, then transactions and disputes arising will be governed by two or more jurisdictions.

You need someone with international expertise to navigate the contracts. An international affairs lawyer can offer you the needed legal guidance.

Attorneys that practise international law work towards maintaining global peace. They promote prosperity and have the necessary skills to smooth over dissimilar and opposing views of business entities involved.

Basics on International Law
Certain treaties, rules, regulations, and trade agreements bind the business contracts existing between countries. International law deals with these practicalities, including the following areas:

Conflict of Law
Also called Private International Law, this area addresses conflicts and disputes that can arise between private parties. These entities can be individuals or corporations based out of different nations. For instance, you are from Canada and have entered a contract with a corporation in the U.S. Conflict of law handles matters like which jurisdiction’s laws apply during a dispute and where the trial happens.

Public International Law
Here, the relationships between international entities and the state or government are regulated.

It is useful when dealing with public bodies like intergovernmental organizations. It comprises matters like:

• Anti-corruption
• Human rights
• Law of the sea
• International criminal law
• International trade law
• Treaty law, etc.

Supranational Law
This part of international law deals with the sovereignty of nations, their rights, and limitations. In the case of regional or domestic agreements, a single nations’ laws apply, while they can be inapplicable within a supranational body. For instance, all European Union Member States implement the EU laws.

International Law and Clients’ Expectations
Attorneys handling international law cases specialize in areas like contracts, customs, tax, human rights, immigration, corporate, and more. They understand different legal systems, such as tax implications in cross-border transactions, and can help reduce the effective tax rates.

Your international affairs lawyer can advise you on the steps to take regarding the domestic laws of the country. Suppose you are setting up a business in Canada, and you are based out of France. Your attorney can draft contracts, negotiate with clients on your behalf, facilitate mergers, resolve international disputes, etc.

Your lawyer can help:

Maintain Business Relationships: Some business owners may prefer it if you can carry out the negotiations in their language. It is also considered polite, and you can make a good impression.

Deliver the Desired Results: Your attorney will be more like your business partner, acting in your interests. They can advise you beyond the legal system, such as management, investments, and operational issues.

Follow Basic Protocol: There are strict rules specific to some countries, which are different from Western cultures. These include establishing personal connections before signing a contract and adhering to responsible business conduct.

There are myriad laws and regulations involved in international law, and understanding everything may not be possible for business operators. Clients expect their lawyers to assist them better by knowing when to use these rules. Especially when your company is registered in one country but based in another, you need someone who can handle legal and non-legal matters.

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