Glass Head Shop: What Is It & Why People Call It Head Shop

A look into the history of headshops will show you that the term originated back in the hippie counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, with the legalization of marijuana in most states and glass head shops coming forward to claim their place in the industry, the word is finding its way back into our collective vocabulary.

But what are head shops really and why call them head shops instead of smoke, marijuana, or cannabis shop? That’s a big—and popular! —question whose answer is closer than you may think.

We’ll start with the question, what is a head shop?

What Is a Head Shop?
A headshop is a type of business that sells products related to cannabis and tobacco use. In the past, these shops only sell drug paraphernalia like bongs, pipes, vaporizers, incense, rolling papers, as well as psychedelic posters, and other items symbolic of the counterculture movement it represents.

Traditionally, these shops are also located near college campuses or in urban areas with high drug use, though they are discreet and the M word is prohibited from being uttered on the premises.

These days, however, you’ll find them almost everywhere and most particularly in places where marijuana is legal. Online smoke shops are also gaining popularity, with lockdown restrictions and online shopping becoming a culture itself.

And with the emerging positive public perception of marijuana, these once stigmatized shops are now seeing an increase along with the increased demand in the market.

Why Call It ‘Head Shop’?
Some people argue that calling it a “high” shop or a Nirvana shop seems more apt, and they would be right. But you see, as legends would have it, the word ‘head’ from the headshop may have come from “He Eats Acid Daily.”

It may also be referring to the Dead Heads or deadheads, the fans of the American rock band Grateful Dead back in the 1960s. Ask your grampas and grammas and they’d tell you that this rock band is into psychedelic music. Our grandparents sure had a fine time back in the day.

Anyway, a closer look at the origin of the word would lead you to etymological documentation where a drug was associated with the word “head” to refer to an addict. This is why terms like “acid heads” and “potheads” became a thing in the 1960s.

Glass Head Shops Today
The future is promising for shops in this industry. With marijuana legalized, these shops are now out in the open and new shops are opening everywhere.

In smoke shops today, you’d see a variety of smoking products available for sale. And no, the word ‘marijuana’ isn’t banned either.

You’d find these shops with small and large pipes on the walls. The glass shelves are also packed with smaller equipment and all kinds of glass pipes, dry pipes, and water pipes.

There are also vape pens and other CBD products.

These shops are also not limited to physical stores. They also cater to the modern shopper and have online stores where you can order what you need without going into an actual head shop and have them shipped in discreet packages if that is something you prefer.

These shops also cater to both the old and the young, as you would expect of a cannabis market.

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