Guns for Sale? Ask These Questions Too

Type “guns for sale” into the search bar and you will come up with tons of listings for gun shops, some local, some not so much, and others online, all promising the best prices, the greatest selection and excellent, in-depth industry expertise. These things are great, but if you’re really looking for the simple, important ways to differentiate a seller, ask these questions, too. Obviously a gun shop has firearms for sale, but if you can answer the following questions in the affirmative or at least in a positive manner, you may have keyed into some value.

1.How wide is the selection of guns for sale?
Whether the seller provides information on guns online or in store, there is value in selection. Now, admittedly, some gun shops have pretty anemic selections and only carry a few firearms or a small collection on consignment. Also, some sellers specialize in handguns and tactical weapons, whereas others might specialize in historical arms and others in sporting arms or muzzleloaders. You don’t want to take a trip to a gun shop just to find out they don’t carry what you’re looking for. Do your research or call ahead to find out what they carry.

2.Does the seller carry historical curiosities or surplus arms?
Specifically, if you are looking for historical arms or collectibles, you’ll want to make sure that the gun shop you patronize carries them, as not many do and it is a specialization. In addition, some buyers prefer to shop through catalogs of used guns and surplus firearms because they often deliver the best prices. Ask ahead before you visit a shop to see if they carry these things.

3.Does the seller carry ammo for your firearm, or for the models they carry?
Don’t expect to buy a gun, wait through the NICS check, and then head to the range if the gun shop you are visiting does not carry ammunition for that firearm. This is especially true if you are buying a rare firearm or one with an odd chambering, although today, admittedly, every cartridge is in short supply. It’s just nice to know that the gun shop carries ammo for your gun.

4.Does the seller carry maintenance equipment (like cleaning kits) and necessary tools?
Some gun shops are actually poorly stocked with maintenance essentials like cleaning kits and mats, as well as poorly stocked with tools for assembly and disassembly. These are, however, things you will need, so it’s worth the time up front to locate them before you need to use them.

5.How many use accessories (like holsters, slings, bipods, and attachments) does the seller offer?
Now we’re getting into an area that is more of a nicety than a necessity, but these are still things that most gun owners would like to know a gun shop carries before visiting. Besides, by the numbers, most visits to gun shops are probably for accessories and not for guns themselves, since accessories sell in such high volume. Again, call ahead or do some research to make sure the shop carries what you need, even if it isn’t currently in stock.

6.How knowledgeable is the seller on modern and historical firearms?
Finally, whether you expect to buy a gun online, or actually visit a shop to handle a semi-automatic Smith & Wesson pistol to garner some familiarity, customer service is one of the prime differentiators among gun shops. It’s downright uncomfortable to visit a gun shop and ask questions that the staff can’t answer.

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