How an Automatic Floor Scrubber Can Streamline Your Processes

If you or your staff are responsible for cleaning large commercial spaces, including wide open floor spaces, then the traditional bucket and mop just might not be for you. There’s nothing that good old elbow grease (and the right cleaners, of course) can’t get done – but there’s other more specialized equipment that can get a job done sooner.

For example, automatic floor scrubbers, which are fast, powerful, efficient, and convenient, can serve as the ideal solution to the old school mop and bucket – and can clean floors quickly and effectively, often in one pass.

Automatic floor scrubbers work by passing over a section of floor, applying a cleaning solution to the surface, agitating, scrubbing, or brushing the floor to unseat and loose dirt, oils, grease, and soil, and then removing the cleaning solution to leave a dry floor behind. They are much faster and more powerful than many other options for cleaning floors, including manual methods.

Most automatic floor scrubbers are either ride-on models or walk-behind models, and they vary widely according to the features they contain. Depending on the needs of your staff or of the institutions you need to keep clean, you can find everything you need in the right ride-on or walk-behind floor scrubber.

When you’re shopping for an automatic scrubber, some of the features you will want to keep your eye on are the capacity of the model and the width of the cleaning path. The capacity of the unit, which will typically be measured in gallons, will give you some estimation of how much cleaning solution it can hold and manage, and is relevant to how much area it will be able to clean before it needs to be drained or a new solution needs to be added.

The width of the path the floor scrubber can clean in one sweep will also impact your processes because a larger unit can clean a justifiably larger area in one pass. If you or your team are responsible for cleaning large warehouses, schools, retail facilities, or other wide-open areas, a larger floor scrubber might be a better fit for your needs.

While these features will vary according to the model in question, there are plenty of serviceable options available to the discerning cleaning service professional, and you can find many of them online at JaniSource maintains a collection of commercial cleaning equipment, including floor scrubbers, pads, and accessories, from top brands, like IPC Eagle, Karcher, Advance, Aztec, and Tornado.

Each of their floor scrubbers has its own unique set of traits and capabilities, so don’t worry if you don’t find what you’re looking for the first time around. You can always get in touch with JaniSource by phone at 1-877-667-4323 if you need a little bit of help figuring out which model has the specifications you need. You can lean on their experience to outfit you with the model that will best meet your needs!

Customers of JaniSource also shop their online collection in full confidence that JaniSource will go above and beyond with their customer service. They serve not only as a consultative resource but also deliver a bounty of added value. Orders over $99 ship free, which is a threshold you can expect to cross with a floor scrubber anyway. They provide financing options for their customers, and their products are covered by a nationwide warranty and repair service.

You can learn more about their portfolio of floor scrubbers or about the services they provide to their customers online at, although you can also reach them at 1-877-667-4323.

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