How Can Vegetable Glycerin be Used in Personal Care?

 Out of all of the ingredients you are likely to find in soaps, lotions, and other personal care products, glycerin stands as one of the most common. And the most useful, if you consider the sheer variety of different products that this substance can be adapted for!

If you are into soap making or are interested in learning more about what you can use vegetable glycerin for, this resource will help. You will also find some additional information on where you can find high-quality glycerin online so you can always have enough on hand to craft your favorite recipes.

The Best Uses For Vegetable Glycerin
You might be wondering how glycerin is made in the first place, and that’s quite understandable. While it is easy to assume that this is some kind of unnatural chemical, the reality is that quality glycerin actually comes from vegetable oil. Natural substances like coconut oil are heated under pressure to produce this beneficial ingredient.

There are types of glycerin out there that are higher in quality than others, so it’s important to note that if you are creating soaps and other personal care products, that you only select Kosher glycerin that has been produced specifically for this purpose. Other varieties are actually a byproduct of the biofuel industry and are not really suitable for skincare or related uses. The quality of your product is largely determined by the specific ingredients you utilize, so the better the quality of the components, the better. Always choose all-natural Kosher vegetable glycerin that has a clear appearance for the best results.

All of that being said, what can you actually use this substance for? It’s wonderful having glycerin on hand because it can be used in such a large variety of recipes. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of products you can craft using glycerin:

●Facial serums
●Effective dandruff shampoo
●Fash washes and cleansers
●Natural body washes
●Activated charcoal soap
●Moisturizing spray
●Lotion that can help with dry skin

Source: Make Your Own Buzz
As you can see, glycerin is amazingly effective at creating an impressive variety of care products. This vegetable-derived ingredient is sure to help your formulas have increased beneficial moisturizing properties and the specific feel you are looking for.

Can You Find Glycerin in Stores?
It depends on where you shop. Rather than search around through various supermarkets and specialty shops in the hopes that you can find high-quality vegetable glycerin from a brand that you can truly trust, it’s much easier to shop for it online. This way you can take your time and find a suitable brand that produces quality glycerin specifically for shampoos, lotions, and related skincare and hair care products. This will also enable you to buy in bulk if need be and have it delivered to your doorstep.

One of the best places to find high-quality Kosher glycerin is actually at They have quite the selection of soap-making ingredients in their online store and are always a reliable place to shop when it comes to sourcing ingredients. They are a brand known for quality and a great selection of ingredients as well. If you are trying to make your own soap or lotion, for instance, you don’t really need to shop anywhere else for the ingredients you need.

Remember, when it comes to any kind of product you intend on using on your skin, be careful about the ingredients you buy. It’s always better to source your glycerin and other ingredients from reputable brands like rather than untrusted ones. This way you know you will get the best end-result, a product that will truly be beneficial for your skin!

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