How Cool Are Glass Bowl Smoking Pipes For a Legendary Smoker

For classic smokers, it’s common knowledge that glass bowl smoking pipes are the legends in the cannabis smoking paraphernalia scene. Even if you ask your grandfathers and your grandfathers’ friends, they will definitely back this up by confirming that it’s the standard piece anyone would smoke cannabis out of since the ’60s. They are the simplest way to blaze upon a small pack of weed and come in a variety of designs and colors too. Some smokers would call them “spoons” because of how they are designed. They come with this bowl where you pack your weed in and this short stem where the smoke travels.

There are also hand-blown glass bowls that are made by skilled artists in this area. The glass bowl smoking pipe is meticulously blown to create a personalized spoon. Most artists would try to create uniquely shaped glass bowls while adding color onto them at the same time–which is a pretty challenging thing to do. Most people would go for glass bowl pipes made by hand rather than the ones made out of an automated machine. When you use hand-made artisan glass pipes, you are also respecting the creativity of skilled glassblowers as you smoke out of their masterpiece.

Why Many Seasoned Smokers Like Glass Bowl Pipe
Glass bowl smoking pipes are a really cool tool to carry around since they come in various shapes. It’s fun smoking weed out of a glass bowl pipe since it makes you look legendary and it requires only a very little amount of weed to fill the bowl. It is also easy to carry with you at all times when you’re in the mood for some, you just take it out from your bag and you smoke away. Glass bowls are an uncomplicated smoking tool since there are not a lot of confusing twists and turn compared to bongs and dab rigs.

Compared to other tools that are complete with water filtration systems, glass bowl pipes are a much affordable tool to spark and smoke out of. And since they do not have any sort of filtration, you are surely in for a pretty harsh smoke on this one. Still and all, seasoned smokers still love this portable paraphernalia over a huge bong because of its uniqueness and the charm it brings to the actual smoker. It also adds originality and an unexplainable level of coolness to the smoker brought by virtually any designs you could possibly fathom in the universe.

The Catch
Because of their simple design, the smoke would go straight to the smoker’s throat. And if you’re not careful, you’ll most likely end up coughing for several minutes. Glass bowl pipes also clog easily, resin build-up is pretty quick and if you’re not too keen on cleaning your pipe, you’ll end up inhaling the poisonous smoke of resin. They’re much easier to clean because of their size, only if you’re someone who really takes cleaning your piece seriously.

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