How to Best Setup That Coastal Interior Design With A Beach Wallpaper Mural

Have you been missing sand and sun recently? Maybe it’s been a while since you last felt that warm and humid sea breeze brush against your skin. Or maybe you’ve recently come back home from a trip to the beach but are already missing its sandy, relaxing vibes.

Thankfully, there are always ways to recreate the air and the mood a coastal setting brings right in your own home. How? Through a well-thought-out coastal interior design. Good news is that you don’t need to be a highly-trained or skilled interior designer. All it takes is a little bit of planning. And that’s what we’re here to help you out with.

What Are Some Coastal Interior Design Characteristics?
To be able to achieve that coastal interior design in your own home, you first have to consider and take into account several characteristics that make up its aesthetic. Think back to all the resorts you’ve visited in the past. What were the elements that best brought out that coastal mood or aesthetic? Not exactly sure? Here are a few ideas.

1. An Open, Free-Flowing Layout
One of the things that epitomizes those beach vibes is having a space with a lot of airflow. Large spaces with wide doors and tall windows fit perfectly into the coastal aesthetic.

Of course, not all houses have the privilege of having such an open plan or layout in their homes. Don’t worry, though, there are still ways to turn things around.

2. Fill Your Space with Lots of White and Neutral Accents
White is the perfect match for that coastal vibe, and neutrals are said to form the basis of Hamptons and other homes with coastal interior designs. However, simply settling for those neutral foundations isn’t enough. Rather, the thing that really sets up that beachy vibe are the accents that you use together with those neutrals.

Putting in pops of turquoise, navy blues, and yellows are a great way to truly bring out that coastal aesthetic. Matching those neutrals with a lot of cool colors such as light blues and sea greens can help give that impression of being close to the ocean even if you’re living miles away.

3. Make Use of Woods And Other Natural Elements
A wooden flooring can be the perfect accent to truly make you feel as though you’re right by the sea. Opting for a lot of furniture and decor that’s made of light-toned woods are also great accents. They not only give off that tropical vibe, but also add a lot of texture to your interior design.

4. Fill the Room with Light
Besides creating a space that’s open and airy, letting in lots of natural light is an important factor in recreating that coastal feel. Big windows, skylights, and wide archways and doorways are a good way to accomplish this.

If your space, however, isn’t able to let in much natural light, this can still be recreated using a variety of different light sources. What matters most is that you choose bulbs that can best mimic sunlight.

5. Add A Beach Wallpaper Mural
Finally, if you have a large blank wall that you feel needs some color, you can choose to install a beach wallpaper mural as a finishing touch. All those accents, neutrals, and light-toned woods will end up fitting perfectly against a tropical backdrop, making that beach wallpaper mural the final piece to your puzzle.

Recreate that Beach Setting at Home Today!
There’s nothing like a wall mural to help you literally recreate a certain type of setting in your home. PixlScapes’s collection of beach wallpaper murals, for example, has some fun and realistic designs that are sure to help set the mood for your tropical adventure inside of your home. So if you’re interested in installing a beach mural to recreate that coastal atmosphere, check out PixlScapes’s website to see some of their amazing designs.

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