How to Find the Best Driver Shafts for You

Finding a driver shaft that works for you is important. Any serious golfer knows that having a shaft that is too stiff or too long can really ruin a player’s game. Due to the individuality of each player and their swing, it is important to know exactly what specifications you will need in a driver. It is beneficial to research your options beforehand and have an idea of what you will need. A few things to consider when choosing a driver shaft that is right for you are the material, length, and flex of the shaft.

Material of your Shaft
There are essentially 2 types of driver shafts on the market: steel and graphite shafts. Both have advantages and disadvantages depending on the player’s swing. Steel shafts are heavier and more durable than those made of graphite. Steel shafts also cost much less and offer a player more control and greater accuracy with their swings.

Graphite shafts are much lighter than steel and cost much more. They are less durable than steel shafts, however, they are much lighter and allow for a faster swing speed giving the swing much more power. Having a faster swing speed results in less control for the player than is offered on a steel shaft.

Having the correct measurements for your shaft is extremely important. Playing with a shaft that is too long or too short will result in inconsistent and inaccurate hits.

Flex of your Shaft
The flex of your shaft is an important factor to consider when buying a new driver shaft. The flex of your shaft essentially just means how flexible and able to bend your shaft will be when you swing it. Determining what flex you will need is easy when you know what you’re looking for. Typically, newer golfers or those with less powerful swings will need a shaft with a higher flex. Those with more powerful swings will need a shaft with less flex in order to gain more control and accuracy. There is a large range of flex options available from Ladies to Extra Stiff. Trying a driver out for a few swings should help you determine what flex you need.

Where to Find the Best Driver Shafts
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