How to Get Your Money’s Worth in an AR 15 Tactical Light with a Pressure Switch

The investment you make in your AR 15 is an investment in self-preservation. There is no room to make compromises here. It is a matter of personal safety.

For that reason, adding an AR 15 light with a pressure switch to your rifle should not be an afterthought or something you add to your handguard simply because you have the rail space. It should be an intentional act, carefully thought out with the purpose of preparing you for all reasonable contingencies.

Here are some pointers you can cross off to ensure you’re getting real, measurable value in a weapon light for your AR – the type of value you’ll get from the OWL, available at Cloud Defensive (

– Look for ease of mounting
While it may not be necessary for you to swap a weapon light from rifle to rifle, you may need to service the lighten or tighten the mounts in the field. The OWL contains a tool in the tail cap for easy adjustments in the field.

– Ease of access: this is why an AR 15 with a pressure switch is so valuable
The OWL is an AR 15 tactical light with a pressure switch that is reversible and ambidextrous, easily accessible nearly regardless of how and where you mount it on your handguard. Ideal for both right and left-handed shooters, the pressure switch can be easily reached by your support hand whether you use a vert grip or grip the handguard directly. It’s also capable of both momentary and constant on-functionality. This dual switching functionality is accomplished via the same pressure pad.

– Waterproofing and dust-proofing
Water-resistant is not good enough. The OWL is fully waterproof, with sealed circuits that are completely insulated from both dust and water. It’s also IPX8 rated; Cloud Defensive kept an OWL submerged under 200 feet of water for 24 hours to test it, and it came through with flying colors.

– A durable hard coat finish
A tactical flashlight is also worth more if it can withstand some abuse. The OWL was subjected to a variety of rigorous physical tests and is considered shockproof. It’s also finished with a black nitride hardcoat, that is both scratch and corrosion-resistant.

– Superior optical focus
Lumens don’t paint the entire picture of light output. Candela, instead, gives a measure of how focused that light output is. The OWL features 1,300 lumens and 55,000 candelas, with a warmer light temperature that is optimized to penetrate interposing light barriers and support scotopic visual acuity.

– Ease of maintenance
Thanks to its exceptional durability and reliability, the OWL will rarely require maintenance beyond routine charging. It ships with a rechargeable battery and a battery charger, and, unlike many competitors, will produce viable light output for up to 6 hours.

Cloud Defensive: Unbeatable Value, Dependable Quality
Don’t make the mistake of choosing an AR 15 tactical light with a pressure switch that is, as you might assess it, simply good enough. When it comes to emergency preparedness and self-defense, good enough is ironically not good enough.

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