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How to Know Your Water Filters Need Changing

Water filter systems are the kind of equipment people tend to forget, especially if it’s been doing a good job. Until it doesn’t, and your water has a peculiar taste, and you might even see some cloudiness you didn’t see before.

You know it’s time then to change your water filter system, and sometimes it can be as easy as following the instructions from a manual, especially if you use Everpure water filtration systems. But what if this is not the case? Sometimes, where you live and your local water supply might mean you have to change your water filters more often.

What Water Filter Systems Do

These systems not only remove pollutants, bacteria, and other contaminants in your water, they can also make your water supply healthier as it can remove impurities and even soften your water.

Thye create a barrier that blocks the contaminants passing through the system. Often a fine filter with small gaps could mean a slower water flow, as it can block more contaminants that way.

Filtering your water supply can make your water better for your health, as it can remove impurities and make it much better for cleaning and drinking. Most water filter systems can last for years, but what are the indications you need to change yours?

Signs Your Water Filter Needs Changing

These signs are the most important to check if you think your filtration system needs to be changed. If you use Everpure water filtration systems, you could also check the manual and call the manufacturer for other features or parts that need improvement.

Check the scent of the water.

Often water has a clean and fresh scent. But if the water has an unpleasant smell, it is an indication that the water has been improperly filtered. It’s also a sign that the filter may be clogged by dirt and debris, and could be making the water more impure.

You need to check the filters and replace them, But if this does not work, you might need to change the whole filtration system.

Check the appearance of the water.

Collect some water in a clear glass and check to see if the water is cloudy or if there are floating objects. You might see some very tiny pieces of limescale or debris if the water has not been properly filtered.

However, it’s best to check each part of the system to see where the issue might be. Call on professionals and let them check your system. They can help you decide whether you need to change one filter or get a whole new system.

Listen to your water filtration system if it makes unusual sounds during filtering.

If you have had your system for a long time, you might notice that when it filters water it might emit sounds that would indicate it is working twice as harder than it did before. In such cases, you might need to replace your filter system.

Sometimes there is very little you can do when an equipment starts to show its age. It’s better to replace your system, especially if you have been using an old one for a long time. Often the parts for these old filter systems might no longer be available, and it is much better to replace them.

Knowing is Half the Battle

So once you’ve checked all of these in your filter system and decide to get a new one, make sure to know how to maintain and keep your new Everpure water filtration systems. When in doubt, just make sure to change your filter yearly or every 6 months, depending on the model. It takes more than just excellent equipment to keep your water clean, it takes strict maintenance and proper use.

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