How To Look Good In Men’s Western Jeans with Cowboy Boots

Jeans have grown to embrace a diverse range of styles, washes, and colors, as well as a variety of cuts and designs. There’s a wide range of options in boots as well as jeans, from formal boots to work boots and straight-leg jeans to boot-cut. Cowboy boots almost go naturally with men’s western jeans, and learning a few style principles and leaning on your own tastes is all that is needed to pull off the look.

When you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, what is the first obstacle you face? Trying to comprehend the sheer variety of men’s jeans. With hundreds of brands and a limitless range of washes to pick from, it’s hard to know where to begin. And that’s not even taking into account the slew of unconventional takes on traditional men’s western jeans that are now making waves. What are the finest jeans for your figure? That’s the first question you need to answer.

The Best Way to Style Cowboy Boots with Jeans
One of the simplest ways to pair western boots with jeans is to choose a pair in a medium to dark wash. The bottom leg of the jeans should have enough room to show some of the boot, but not so much that the outline of the boot is visible. Next, you have to pick the perfect length, cut, and color.

Choosing the Correct Length for Your Cowboy Boots and Jeans
It’s critical to have the appropriate fit in your jeans when shopping for a pair to go with your cowboy boots. Your jeans should always be long enough to cover your legs and the shafts of your footwear, but not so long that they slide in the rear or become trapped under your heel. Ideally, they should sit a quarter to a half-inch just above the heel of your cowboy boots. If you want to show off your boots with a pair of short jeans, make sure the hem falls just above the instep, which will show some of the design of the vamp of the boots.

The Perfect Shade of Western Jeans and Boots
Cowboy boots and practically every shade of denim are popular these days. However, a dark blue or a charcoal wash is the greatest hue for a contemporary style in general. When it comes to daytime attire, medium blue jeans are ideal, while deeper washes are ideal for nighttime outings. Even if light-wash jeans and cowboy boots are out of style, they might be the key to re-creating a vintage aesthetic.

Pants for Cowboy Boots: The Best Fits

●Straight Cut
Just the appropriate amount of stretch and a mid-rise that is neither too high nor too low are the hallmarks of a pair of straight jeans. Consider this an excellent initial point if you’re unsure about your body type and how your pants should fit you.

●Straight-line taper
If you want a slimmer leg but still require a lot of space in the thighs area, try a pair of straight taper jeans. Those with larger thighs looking for a sleek but not tight fit would love these jeans.

Western jeans trimmed to fit over a pair of cowboy boots are known as bootcut. It’s common for current bootcut jeans to have a lower rise than their classic counterparts, but this isn’t always the case.

If you’re unsure about how to wear cowboy boots with jeans, this guide will provide you with a good starting point for figuring out what works best for your own style. Then, make it a point to visit Jackson’s English and Western Store where you’ll find a wide range of men’s western jeans – and Michigan’s largest collection of western boots – from top brands!

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