How to Look In-Style Wearing Heavy Hoodie Men’s Sweatshirt

Just Sweatshirt has never failed to make the best line of 100% high-quality cotton sweatshirts available in different colors. Combined with comfort and style. Just Sweatshirt has once again come up with a great selection of heavy hoodie mens pullovers.

Designed for comfort, born out of practicality, these heavy hoodie mens pullovers are great as your go-to hoodie for work that will get you through a chilly day. They are not only cozy and unrestrictive, nowadays, they are also considered an item for well-dressed men having a casual weekend.

Partnered with the right pieces, this type of clothing is perfect for your everyday cool outfit.
Check out this guide below on how to rock a heavy hoodie pullover in style.

Pair Them With A Bomber Jacket
You can never go wrong with this. While bomber jackets are a classic rig for a cool guy’s look, they are also on-trend every year especially when you want to look casual during fall or wintertime. It’s cool, really comfortable and the hood looks really good sitting on top of the jacket. Pair these with black skinny jeans coupled with your favorite black or gray sneakers and you’re golden.

For your day-to-day collection, you can also choose a more relaxed ensemble. Pull off this heavy hoodie pullover in olive topped with a navy blue bomber jacket. Finish the look with a pair of beige chinos and beige suede desert boots for a more refined look. If you’re going for a more dapper, kind of a wholesome-college-boy look, you might want to incorporate this heavy hoodie pullover in red with a grey bomber jacket, throw on a pair of your black corduroy chinos, and then a pair of black athletic shoes. Finish the whole ensemble with a pair of clear sunglasses and you’re good to go.

For a Layered Look
For a sharper look while keeping yourself warm on a chilly Monday morning, or even any morning if you’re up for it, casually put on a white heavy hoodie mens pullover over a simple white crew-neck T-shirt. Layer it with a grey overcoat, coupled with a pair of black slim-fit jeans and a pair of white trainers.

If you want to go out in style looking like anyone’s guy-next-door, you might want to try on this black heavy hoodie men’s pullover over a white crew-neck T-shirt. And since we’re still on the more layered look in this guide, casually put on a navy shirt jacket, coupled with a pair of dark brown chinos. Finish this look with a pair of beige suede desert boots.

Under a Denim Jacket
Ever since hoodies were designed and worn on a day-to-day basis, people have been having this common misconception that the wearer could be a slob and is not at all interested in looking smart. Heavy hoodie mens sweatshirt under a denim jacket is an altogether perfect look for a laid-back afternoon stroll with your significant other or if you’re a college student looking to stand out from the rest of the guys wearing regular hoodies.

Blazer With A Hoodie
It sounds like it’s not for everyone but wait until you see NBA players sporting this look on the sidelines. It is definitely a thing, and ultimately slick at that. While it’s almost like breaking the fashion rule book, wearing a hoodie under a blazer is like channeling an altogether smooth modern street style that stands out.

Just Sweatshirt went out of their way to produce an all-cotton, heavy hoodie for men that have great potential for looking sharp. Check out more new designs and colors here in, for more questions about our products, give us a call at 1-866-888-5878. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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