How to overcome the cons of metal roofs

Metal roofs have become the most sought after roofing solutions for homes and commercial constructions. Some desirable qualities in metal roofs like durability, lesser maintenance, easy installation, aesthetic looks, variety of colors and finishes, ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and natural disasters make them the best roofing choice you can find today. Like anything on this earth, metal roofs also have some cons. Nothing is perfect on this earth and so are metal roofs. With a proper planning and by ensuring some points you can avoid the cons of metal roofs and make them work well for your building while working with commercial roofing companies.

Some popular complaints about metal roofs
People think metal roofs are loud, they cost more than the traditional roofing systems and materials and they might make your home look like a barn. Also, some people say metal can dent easily. All these are valid points, however, the truth is most of them are only myths. Consulting a good metal roof installation contractor can tell you why metal roofs are advantageous and why most cons told about metal roofs are not actually true.

Why is metal roof more expensive than many other roofing options?
Metal roof is more expensive than many other roofing options because it is a premium home product. When compared to asphalt shingle sheets, metal roof sheets can cost two to three times more. However, metal roofs can work out cheaper than tile roofing or cedar shake roofing. The truth is metal roof pays for itself by virtue of its long life time. Maintaining metal roofs costs very little and they can last up to 50 years or even more without having to replace them.

Will metal roof match with the other roofing types in the neighborhood?
Some people share the concern if metal roofs can match with the looks of other roofing options installed in the neighborhood. An amazing point about metal roofs is that they are made in such a way to look like the common roofing material like cedar shake, asphalt shingle, slate roofing or clay tile roofing. In fact, when compared with these options, metal roofs can be more durable and stronger. Since you can choose metal roofs from a variety of patterns and colors, you need not worry about your roof matching with the other roofs in the neighborhood.

Will weather roof be noisier than other roofs during bad weather?
Though metal makes more noise during rains and hails, this does not happen with metal roofs. Nevertheless, if this becomes a matter of concern, you can avoid this extra noise through proper attic insulation as it can absorb the excess sound.

Metal roofs and lightning strikes
Though metal conducts electricity, studies show that metal roofs are not affected by lightning. When installed properly, they can in fact dissipate the lightning voltage and conduct it to the ground safely without affecting the building. Expert metal roof installation companies can help prepare the metal roofs effectively to withstand lightning strikes.

Dents in metal roofs
Metal can invite dents if something strikes it or falls on it. A proper installation by closely checking the fasteners and ensuring that there are no tree branches rubbing against the metal roofs, you can ensure they retain their great looks over a long time.

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